Career Conversations

Help employees develop their careers one conversation at a time


The key to engaging and developing your best people is to help them develop their careers in line with the needs of the organisation. That relies on open, honest and effective career conversations. Yet, 37% of employees feel they never have the opportunity for a genuine career conversation with someone from their organisation

What you get

We provide a range of resources to help you improve the quality of career conversations within your organisation:

Career Conversation Toolkit – A set of practical, card-based tools.  It helps managers, coaches and mentors to have meaningful career conversations in only 10 minutes without any complex process or paperwork.


It’s Good to Talk! eBook – A free sixteen-page practical guide to career conversations in the workplace.


The Power is in the Question seminar – A 90-minute seminar or webinar outlining the business case for career conversations, how to structure them and how the career conversation toolkit can help.


Confident Career Conversations Workshop – A one-day workshop to help managers, mentors and coaches develop the skills and confidence to have effective career conversations.

Career Conversation Toolkit



These practical resources help managers, mentors and coaches develop the skills and confidence to:


Help employees feel more positive and satisfied with their current role no matter what their ambitions.

Encourage employees to identify development opportunities and take steps that will help them and the organisation.

Have conversations that make employees want to stay with the organisation rather than go elsewhere.

Have a flexible approach which means employees take ownership for their career development and don’t look to their managers to have all the answers.


These translate into improvements in employee retention, internal progression and organisational performance.



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