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A key challenge facing organisations is getting the best out of their people.

Working with Antoinette and her team exceeded all my best hopes. It was highly relevant, focused on practical application and provided real tools for real work.

Gregory Cova, Director

Organisations lose thousands of pounds due to attrition, underperformance and poor employee engagement. What if you could help your people feel fulfilled and rewarded with a sense of purpose? What if you could inspire them to want to perform and develop beyond their current levels? What if you could help them be more self-reliant and empowered to take ownership for their development?

If you ask any successful person, they will always have had a great mentor at some point. We can help you and your people feel the same way.

Mentor model for Antoinette Oglethorpe mentoring programmes

Launching and Implementing a Mentoring Programme that Works

Launching and implementing an effective mentoring programme involves six key steps outlined in our MENTOR Model.

Overview – The MENTOR Model

Step 1: Matching Strategy

A strategic matching strategy ensures the mentoring programme adds value to the organisation. Our Key Stakeholder Strategy Session is a half-day in-person or online strategy session with key stakeholders and decision makers.

Find out more about how we help clients develop their Matching Strategy.

Step 2: Engagement

It is hard to ask people to get involved in a mentoring programme if they don’t know what mentoring is about. Providing an overview of the structure and expected benefits, engages interested colleagues (mentors and mentees) to the programme.

Our What is Mentoring? Launch Event is a 90-minute interactive webinar or in-person workshop to attract interested colleagues (mentors and mentees) to the Programme.

Find out more about how we help clients engage mentors and mentees with our What Is Mentoring Launch Event.

Step 3: Nominations

Asking mentees and mentors to nominate themselves for the Programme and getting the information needed to match them according to their needs increases the chance of the partnerships being effective.

This is a process that is typically managed by the organisation. We are happy to provide guidance where needed.

Step 4. Training

Mentor and mentee training are a critical component for the success of a programme. In fact, research suggests that the success rate of mentoring triples when both mentor and mentee are trained at the outset.

Our Mentoring for Success Programme (for Mentors) is a practical interactive training programme for new mentors. The programme can be delivered as a one-day, in-person workshop or a series of 90-minute online sessions.

Find out more about how we help clients train mentors with our Mentoring For Success Programme.

Our Making the Most of Mentoring Programme (for Mentees) is a practical interactive training programme for new mentees. The programme can be delivered as a one-day, in-person workshop or a series of 90-minute online sessions.

Find out more about how we help clients train mentees with our Making The Most of Mentoring Programme.

Step 5. Ongoing Support

Continuing support of the mentoring programme is vital. A programme where support stops after the launch is likely to lose energy and momentum. Strategies that preserve the enthusiasm will improve the likelihood of achieving results.

Our Mentoring Community Sessions can be delivered as half-day, in-person workshops or a series of 90-minute online sessions.

Find out more about how we help clients provide ongoing support with our Mentoring Community Sessions.

Step 6: Review

Reviews during and at the end of the Programme provide useful opportunities to check on progress and celebrate achievements. They allow assessment of the mentoring programme and suggestions to get the most out of the rest of the programme or to improve future programmes.

Our Mentoring Celebration Event is a half-day in-person or online session with mentors and mentees to celebrate progress and success.

Find out more about how we help clients review their Mentoring Programme with our Mentoring Celebration Event.

These six steps offer a powerful guide, but strategy is nothing without implementation. The Mentoring Matters Programme offers a menu of offerings to help organisations at each of these steps.

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Programme Delivery Formats

We can deliver all our Programmes in-person or in a range of online formats.

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All our Career Development and Mentoring Programmes have been awarded ‘Institute Approved’ status by the Institute of Leadership.

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