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Seven Reasons Mentoring Programmes Lose Momentum

Why – if they add so much value – do mentoring programmes lose energy and momentum? In this article, we share with you the seven reasons a mentoring programme might lose momentum. And we recommend some steps to address them.

Five Characteristics Of Highly Effective Career Conversations

We ask people in our Career Conversations workshops to think about a valuable career conversation so we can draw out the characteristics that makes them so effective. This article summarises the ones that come up repeatedly. So, if you want your employees to have positive career conversations that will help them take ownership for their career development, bear these in mind.

The Seven Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Leadership Development

Most companies want to keep their best employees and for their workforce to be engaged and motivated. But some are more successful than others. This article shares seven mistakes that get in the way of sustaining the growth they’re aiming for.

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