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A Handbook for Developing Leaders in High-Tech Organisations

How can you develop leaders who will sustain the fast growth of your business?

Fast-growing, high-tech companies face unique challenges. Often they’ve grown quickly because they’ve got brilliant technologies, products and solutions. But if you don’t have enough leaders with the skills and experience to take things further, your growth could stall.

Grow Your Geeks helps CEOs, senior leaders and HR professionals:

  • Build a meaningful business case so you get the buy in and commitment of key stakeholders.
  • Align leadership development with your growth strategy so it delivers real and meaningful results.
  • Define the leadership skills and capabilities you need to compete successfully in the market.
  • Develop your leaders so they have the skills and confidence to grow the business.
  • Create the culture necessary to embed and reinforce leadership throughout the organisation.

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Grow your geeks book cover
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About the Author

Antoinette Oglethorpe has developed leaders for some of the most successful organisations in the world, including P&G, Accenture and XL Group. But her passion lies with fast-growing, high-tech companies. A defning moment of her career was when she helped start up Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. As International Learning Director, Antoinette played a key role in developing people to grow the business. And they did just that. Avanade grew to 1200 employees in its first year of operation.

Antoinette is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a member of the Association for Coaching. She has written for CIPD Management ToolClicks, Coaching at Work and the HR Gazette. She speaks about leadership development at international conferences and events around the world.

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