In Conversation with…

Mark McKergow
Solutions Focus and Mentoring

In Conversation with…Mark McKergow
Solutions Focus and Mentoring


Tuesday 15th June 2021 3pm

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring? That is one of the most common questions when introducing mentoring into an organisation.

And it’s a question that Antoinette will be asking her guest, Mark McKergow in the first of a new series of “In Conversation with….” Webinars.

About Mark McKergow

Dr Mark McKergow has spent 30 years in the management and leadership development world.  He loves to bring new ideas into the field, particularly those which:

  • Make ‘hard’ things easier, quicker, cheaper, more rewarding and more accessible
  • Use abilities and know-how people already have (and perhaps have not noticed yet)
  • Take a counter-intuitive or unexpected turn

His work in brain friendly learning (where learning increases when the teacher teaches less), Solutions Focus (where problem-solving is avoided in favour of building towards what people want, using what’s working already) and Host Leadership (where leaders focus on bringing people together rather than on making decisions on their own) is in use around the world – Mark has worked on every continent except Antarctica. He is the author of six books including The Solutions Focus (with Paul Z Jackson), Host Leadership (with Helen Bailey) and Hosting Generative Change. His latest book is The Next Generation of Solution Focused Practice (Routledge, 2021).

He is also one of the creators of OSKAR, the solution-focused framework that features in the Mentoring Toolkit.

These days Mark works mostly as an author, speaker and coach supervisor.  His latest project, Village In The City, applies all this to micro-local community building in urban settings.  He lives in Edinburgh with his wife and colleague Jenny Clarke.

Website http://sfwork.comhttp://hostleadership.comhttp://villageinthecity.net

What is the Solutions Focus and Mentoring Webinar about?

In this webinar, Antoinette and Mark will discuss:

  • What solution-focused practice involves and why it is so powerful in enabling change
  • The origins of OSKAR and its value to mentoring conversations
  • The important role of know-how in distinguishing between coaching and mentoring

Who will benefit from this webinar?

HR and Learning professionals who are interested in launching a mentoring programme or introducing more mentoring into their organisations.

What’s included

Each participant will receive a free eBook “M-Power. A Practical Guide to Mentoring in the Workplace.” and guide Seven Reasons Mentoring Programmes lose Momentum

This session will be facilitated by Antoinette Oglethorpe, an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, consultant and coach. Her company specialises in career management and mentoring. Their mission is to help their clients, colleagues and participants fulfil their potential for improved productivity and performance.


Note: The webinar is free and we expect to be oversubscribed. Places are limited, so if you are unable to attend, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.

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