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in the press Antoinette Ogelthorpe coverage Harvard Business Review Ascend Aug 23

Harvard Business Review Ascend: How to Talk to Your Boss about Your Career Development

Career conversations take significant planning and preparation, but in the end, you will walk away with a better idea of how to advance.

Forbes: A Blessing And A Curse: How Can Leaders Manage Their Egos?

Effective ego management is essential to being a good leader. So, what should leaders know about managing their own ego?

Fast Company: This is how managers can have effective conversations with their Gen Z employees

As the workforce continues to evolve, employers and managers are increasingly recognising the need to adapt their communication strategies to better engage with younger generations.

HR Director: Why performance reviews are not the place for career conversations

In our fast-paced world of work today, it’s important to have conversations about both performance and career growth but we need to pay attention to when and in what context we hold each discussion.

People Management: Seven empowering questions to ignite employee engagement

Engagement is crucial in the war for talent, productivity and loyalty.

HR Zone: Eight ways to hold empowering career conversations with employees

If we don’t equip managers with the skills to hold great career conversations with employees, we risk losing talent to our competitors or retaining people who are left to stagnate.

Stylist: 8 steps to having a confident career conversation with your manager

How do you have a genuinely helpful chat with your boss about your goals?

Training Journal: How to develop happy employees

Retaining a motivated, skilled workforce demands work and that includes focussing on all, including your best people.

We Are Tech Women: How to help Gen Z develop their career

Unlike their predecessors, Gen Z places a higher priority on career growth and development rather than job stability.

Her World: Are You Earning Enough To Combat Inflation?

It’s not enough to reduce your spending to combat the short- and long-term effects of inflation. You need to take active steps to increase your income, whether it’s by making idle money grow, or negotiating for a higher salary.

Business Leader: Confident Career Conversations: Empower your employees for career growth and retention

“Based on years of experience, sound academic research, this book will help you to ask the right questions and help your people examine their careers, build on their skills, become aware of their real needs and take those next steps forward to fulfil them.” – Richard Kwiatkowski, Professor of Organizational Psychology at Cranfield University

Irish Tech News: Confident Career Conversations: 10 Conversation Tools

Having meaningful career conversations is essential for employee growth and development. Providing an opportunity for reflection, insight, and action, enabling employees to take ownership of their career progress.

Personnel Today: How career conversations help prevent boredom at work

Employee retention is one of the biggest challenges faced by HR. By introducing career conversations, organisations can help motivate and engage staff and potentially address skills shortages

Elite Business: Let’s Talk: Why career conversations are key for retention

In today’s fast-paced business world, employee retention has become a top priority for organisations.

Association of MBAs: Feel the power

Engaging and empowering employees is crucial for organisational growth and success.

Stylist: What to do if it feels like your workplace is blocking your career development

Feel like your manager isn’t helping you progress? There are ways to sort it out.

Forbes: How To Stop Your Staff Quitting Their Jobs

With skills shortages continuing, how can leaders hang on to their prized talent?

SmartCompany Plus: A three-step approach to discussing career development with your boss

Work hard, deliver results, sit back, and wait to be promoted: a strategy that unfortunately rarely works.

Inspirational Speakers: New Speakers

Antoinette Oglethorpe is a Multi-Award-Winning Specialist in Leadership, Career Management and Mentoring.

InformationWeek: 5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Career Conversations

It’s a sad fact that people can often identify a memorably bad career conversation more easily than one which was of significant positive value to them.

SME: Why you need to have confident career conversations​

In today’s fast-paced business world, talent management and retention have become increasingly important.

Make A Difference: Is your ego getting in the way of your success at work?

Managing your ego is one of the best things you can do, not only for effective collaboration, but for saving your own time, energy and focus…

Business Leader: Confident Career Conversations: Empower your employees for career growth and retention

Antoinette Oglethorpe is highly experienced at supporting people with their professional development. Now bringing this experience to coaching, mentoring, and leadership development, Confident Career Conversations highlights her key educative points.

Newstalk: Confident Career Conversations with Antionette Oglethorpe

Antionette Oglethorpe has a lifetime’s experience in training, career development, and coaching.

Engage Employee: Six Powerful Questions to Engage and Empower Employees

For business leaders keen on fostering a holistic view of their employees, helping them realise their potential is key.

Maddyness: 3 Essential career conversations to have with your new graduate recruits

The transition from student life to a professional environment can be a bewildering journey for recent graduates.

The Recruitment Show: Live: The Traditional Career Ladder Is Not the Only Game in Town

 The future of work is going to be fluid and flexible, so career management and mentoring will need to adapt.

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