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Are you having regular career conversations with your employees?

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is that employees are not as satisfied as they would like with their career development.

We all know the theory: employees are more engaged when they see a future for themselves in the organisation with opportunities for growth and progression.

Research shows that engaging and enabling employees boosts performance by 15-30%

But helping employees take ownership for developing their careers can be a significant challenge. Let’s face it. Opening up a sensitive issue like career progression can weigh heavily on even the most experienced shoulders.

Where should you start?

What questions should you ask?

How do you help employees develop their career?

That’s what the Career Conversation Toolkit is designed to help you with.

Hi, I’m Antoinette. I created the Career Conversation Toolkit to address the above challenges.

The Career Conversation Toolkit gives you the practical tools, structure and questions to have effective career conversations that will engage, retain and develop your employees without taking up lots of time.

The Career Conversation Toolkit is a set of practical card-based tools for managers, mentors and coaches.

It provides you with a flexible approach which means employees take ownership for their career development and you don’t have to have all the answers.

It allows you to have conversations that make employees want to stay with your organisation rather than go elsewhere.

It’s practical, simple and easy to use with all employees, no matter where they are in their career and what they want to achieve.

Paired with our Career Compass Workbook to help your employees think positively and proactively about their career development. This helps them prepare effectively for career conversations with their managers, mentors or coaches with all the tools and templates needed to reflect on the past and think about the future

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The Career Conversation Toolkit allows you to:

Have a meaningful career conversation in less than 20 minutes without any complex process or paperwork.

Help employees feel more positive and satisfied with their current role no matter what their ambitions.

Encourage employees to identify development opportunities and take steps that will help them and the organisation.

The Career Conversation Toolkit does the heavy lifting for you.

Quality career conversations rely on powerful questions. But it can be hard to always have the right questions at your fingertips. The Career Conversation Toolkit does the heavy lifting for you.

What does the Career Conversation Toolkit Contain?

The Career Conversation Toolkit draws on the principles of positive psychology, solutions focus and neuroscience. It provides a set of powerful, thoughtfully-conceived questions to:

  • Provoke reflection, insight, ideas and action
  • Keep the focus on the employee
  • Encourage them to take ownership

The questions are packaged into ten different tools:

    • Tool 1 – Career Platform
    • Tool 2 – Your Journey So Far
    • Tool 3 – Future Success
    • Tool 4 – Career Checkpoint
    • Tool 5 – Career Kitbag

    • Tool 6 – Career Routes
    • Tool 7 – Career Kitbag Additions
    • Tool 8 – Short-Term Milestones
    • Tool 9 – Setting Off
    • Tool 10 – Progress Review

Each tool provides a practical but flexible framework that can be used as the basis for a conversation that is only 20 minutes long. You can use one tool or several tools in whatever sequence or order makes sense for the employee and their situation.

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The Career Conversation Toolkit has everything you need to have a useful career conversation. I now have simple and helpful techniques that mean I can have these important conversations in a way that is productive and beneficial

Rosa Scognamiglio, HR Director

Very helpful, straight forward toolkit. It enabled rich discussions and succinct discussions. It worked well for three different people at different places in their careers

Charlotte Angus, Manager

Find out more about
Antoinette Oglethorpe

Antoinette Oglethorpe

Creator of the Career Conversation Toolkit

Antoinette Oglethorpe is a leadership development consultant, coach, speaker, and author. She runs a professional training and coaching company which specialises in developing leaders and leadership teams for fast-growth companies.


Antoinette has over 25 years’ experience of developing leaders for companies like P&G and Accenture. Her passion now lies with fast-growing, high-tech companies. A defining moment in her career was when she helped start up Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. As International Learning Director, she played a key role in developing the people needed to grow the organisation as it grew to 1200 employees in its first year.


Antoinette qualified as a coach in 1999. She believes developing leadership talent in organisations relies on connecting employees’ career ambitions with the goals of the organisation. She is the creator of the Career Conversation Toolkit a set of practical card-based tools, for managers, mentors and in-house coaches.


Antoinette regularly speaks at HR and coaching conferences around the world. She has been a Chair at HR Vision as well as a speaker at conferences for the CIPD, the Association for Coaching and International Mentoring Association. She hosts a podcast on iTunes called “Talent Development Mastery”.


Antoinette is the author of “Grow Your Geeks – A Handbook for Developing Leaders in High-Tech Organisations” which reached number one on the Amazon bestseller list of management and leadership books. She is a contributing author to another Amazon bestseller, “Fit-For-Purpose Leadership”, a collaborative project with proceeds going to The Prince’s Trust.


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