Mentoring for Success Programme (for Mentors)

Gain practical tools and techniques to empower and motivate your mentees.

New mentors typically face three key challenges – (1) Framework – they are not sure how to begin a mentoring conversation or how to structure the discussion; (2)Tools and Techniques – they don’t know what questions to ask or how to motivate and empower others to take ownership for their own development; (3) Skills – mentoring requires a new approach to conversation of which they have limited experience. Our Mentoring for Success Programme addresses all three challenges. It provides them with a framework, tools and techniques to structure a powerful mentoring conversation. Through experiential learning and practice they will gain experience and build their confidence. A supportive environment allows them to explore how they will apply their new skills back in the workplace.

What is the Mentoring for Success Programme (for Mentors)

A practical interactive training programme for new mentors.


What are the benefits?

As a result of the programme, mentors will:
1. Build the confidence to engage with the mentoring process
2. Gain practical tools and skills to hold effective mentoring conversations
3. Develop productive relationships with their mentees.


What do we cover?

  • Mentoring Mastery – Develop a picture of a “master” mentor
  • Building on what you know already – Reflecting on the experience of mentoring and being mentored. Identify what you already know about how to do great mentoring and what you need from the workshop to make progress.
  • The mentoring relationship – key stages and the mentor’s role in helping it develop and progress
  • How to prepare for and hold mentoring conversations
  • The benefits of a solution-focussed approach. How a solution-focussed approach can empower and motivate employees leading to rapid and sustainable results
  • Mentoring Toolkit – A structured toolkit for mentoring conversations Discover the OSKAR framework and practical conversation tools to encourage progress and development
  • Mentoring practice sessions – Gain greater confidence in how to use the tools individually and together by practicing using the tools in conversations with each other
    • Managing the process
    • Preparing for mentoring
    • The first meeting
    • Answering specific questions and addressing anticipated challenges
  • Next steps and extra resources and support


Who is it best for?

The Programme will benefit anyone who wishes to develop their mentoring skills. That may be as part of their leadership style or to take part in a formal mentoring programme.


How does it work?

The programme can be delivered as a one-day, in-person workshop, or online. Options include a blended online learning programme or a series of 90-minute live online sessions.

Online Learning Programmes

All our existing programmes are available for delivery virtually. Options include Live Online Learning, Supported or Blended Online Learning, Webinars and Self-guided Learning.

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