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BMJ: Career development coaching ensures diverse talent is recognised and utilised

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The set tasks really allowed me think about my career development in a way I would never would have thought about. The questions asked went into so much detail and allowed to 'explore' myself as well as my career journey to date.

Business priorities:

Ensuring diverse talent is recognised and utilised



Lead contact:

EDI manager


8 successful applicants



Our client’s challenge

One of BMJ’s key EDI priorities is to improve representation from ethnic minority groups, particularly in senior roles. Step Up was an initiative designed to be a vehicle to level the playing-field and ensure that diverse talent is recognised and utilised. It would also create a visible internal diverse talent pipeline.

The pilot Programme comprised four elements:

  1. Career consultation
  2. One to one mentoring
  3. Networking with senior role models
  4. Special projects

As part of the Programme, we were invited to provide career development coaching for 8 of the successful applicants to help them identify their career priorities.

Our solution and results

The Career Development Coaching Programme was structured as follows:

  • Career Compass Workshop – providing an overview of how to prepare for career conversations.
  • Introductory Chemistry Sessions – to agree any specific objectives for the coaching.
  • One to One Coaching – a coaching programme consisting of three phases. Each phase consisted of a coaching session with preparatory work, activities and assignments.

The feedback was extremely positive with an overall satisfaction rating of 9.8 out of 10. The key benefits they reported were greater clarity over their career direction, greater focus on their career goals and better understanding of the value of mentoring. Comments included:

The Career Development Coaching Programme achieved our overall goal of helping employees  identify new ways to think about what career progression means and how to achieve it. They developed better self-awareness and increased in confidence. It was a pleasure to work with Team AO. They made it really easy. I really appreciated their dedication and professionalism, their scrupulous customer care and how diligent they were in taking this project on. They were open to our feedback and offered feedback to us every step of the way.  Margherita Zorzetto, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, BMJ.

[My coach] identified quickly the areas in my career in which I already excel and focused on assisting me in narrowing down my own future career goals and direction. This was immensely helpful for my long term and short-term goals, for which I had been deliberating over for a really long time.

For me this was just another training program I signed-up for but it was so much more. I’ve started thinking about my career, where I want to be, what steps need to be taken to get there, role of an active mentor, etc.

I found that it's not just about what I would like to do in the future but about my whole career journey including experiences good and bad and my skill set and how I can use that to help me in my interest and what I would like to do.

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