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Helping leaders develop the capability to deliver strategy and drive results

What did I want from this programme? I wanted leaders to know how to manage and mentor the next generation in the business and to develop a culture that will take us forward. We've made great progress in the last 12 months.

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Ambitious companies need high-performing leaders to support people to deliver those ambitions. As the company grows everyone needs to step up a level. Our Leadership Skills Training supports leaders to make that change for themselves. It helps ambitious leaders realise their leadership potential and develop their agility. That way, they can grow with the organisation.

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Leadership development programme for ambitious leaders

What is leadership skills training?

Our “Stepping Up” Leadership Training is a 6-12 month development programme for ambitious leaders. It is highly-customised to your organisation’s context. Through monthly group sessions we help participants learn by addressing real workplace challenges.

What are the benefits?

Our clients have chosen us – and we can help you – to:

  • Carve out precious time for leaders to engage in strategic thinking
  • Drive personal and organisational change
  • Provide managers with the practical skills and tools to empower and motivate their teams
  • Create observable differences in managers’ behaviour and performance
  • Have a wide-ranging impact that includes employee retention, internal progression and organisational performance
  • Create a strong leadership culture
  • Achieve InstLM recognition

Who is it best for?

We work with mid-to-senior level leaders who lead others and who work up, down and across the organisation. We help them maximise their leadership potential so they can step up their contribution and grow into new opportunities.

How does it work?

Underpinning all of our Programmes is our six-step methodology – The LEADER System – which ensures any leadership training is aligned with the strategy of the organisation and really make a difference to the business.

We work with you to follow the six-step process as we design and deliver your development initiatives.

The LEADER system methodology

Step 1 Level: We discuss what you’re trying to achieve in your organisation and what that means for leadership development and career management. You’ll gain clarity on the real problem, its importance to the business and what you need to address it.

Step 2 Envisage: We meet with key stakeholders and decision makers to develop a clear picture of what success looks like. We reach an understanding of where you are now, agreement over what’s working and what needs to change.

Step 3 Assessment: We work with key stakeholders and participants to assess specific strengths and development needs. We agree what needs to happen to make improvement and commit to a route map and action plan.

Step 4 Develop: We design a Development Programme that will deliver the required improvement for the identified participants.

Step 5 Embed: We build in strategies to ensure that learning is transferred, actions are taken and behaviours change in the workplace.

Step 6 Reinforce: We work with the organisation to identify processes and practices that may need to be developed for change to be sustained.

Our Impact

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Programme Delivery Formats

We can deliver all our Programmes in-person or in a range of online formats.

Institute of Leadership and Management Approved Programmes

All our Career Development and Mentoring Programmes have been awarded ‘Institute Approved’ status by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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