Executive Coaching for Leaders

Helping High-Potential Leaders Achieve Personal and Professional Success

I have made progress in my role, been able to reflect on some key achievements and become more focused on achieving personal and business goals.

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Great leaders get things done. And achieve success in their careers. Our executive coaching provides one-to-one, customised leadership development to ensure they do.
Executive Coaching for Leaders

Helping leaders deliver business results and develop their careers

What is Executive Coaching for Leaders?

Coaching is a series of purposeful conversations that foster new ways of thinking and acting. Through five levers of influence we help you deliver business results and develop your career. To really add value, we start these conversations by focusing on what you – and your organisation – want to achieve or change.

What are the benefits?

Our clients have chosen us – and we can help you – to:

  • Develop greater clarity around purpose and priorities
  • Increase personal productivity
  • Develop greater confidence and self-belief at work
  • Improve team performance
  • Adapt your leadership style to overcome key challenges
  • Improve your ability to influence peers and superiors
  • Raise your profile and increase personal impact in the organisation

Who is it best for?

We work with current and future leaders who want to deliver success for themselves and their organisation. They may be aspiring to a leadership role, transitioning into a new role or an established leader. Our clients are typically intelligent, ambitious and have made good progress in their career to date. They want to do a great job but they feel overwhelmed by the size of the task at hand and uncertain of what to do. They feel stuck.

How does it work?

Since our coaching programmes are designed to be transformational we work with clients for at least six months. But we recognise that not everyone comes to us with the same goals or development needs so you can choose the duration of programme that suits you best.

Over 6 to 12 months we work with you for two hours per month with as-needed support between sessions. Sessions can be face to face, over the telephone or via video conference.

Where appropriate we use psychometric assessments to provide greater insight and self-awareness.

Our Executive Coaching programme carves out protected time for you to work on the business instead of in the business.

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Five Levers of Influence

It allows you to focus your energy on the five leadership levers that will have the greatest impact on growth of the organisation. They are:

  • Purpose: We help you gain clarity on your core purpose so you can create, share and inspire others to follow your vision.
  • People: We help you get the best out of your people so they take ownership and responsibility for delivering results.
  • Performance: We help you develop the confidence and ability to have constructive conversations so you deliver the results you need.
  • Profile: Success is through the eyes of your stakeholders. We help you develop strategies to influence the people who matter.
  • Partnership Working: We help you build trusted collaborative relationships with peers and third parties.
High Performance Learning Environment

Coaching creates a high-performance learning environment that ensures:

Accountability – you are accountable to yourself, your key stakeholders and your coach. We expect you to show up and put in the effort.

Openness and Honesty (and confidentiality) – we create a safe environment where you can share challenges and try out new ideas.

High Standards – we help you set and reach high standards individually and for your organisation.

Measurement – at the start of the Programme we identify how we will measure progress. Then we measure it.

Leadership Assessments

We are licensed to use the following psychometric tools:

Institute of Leadership Approved Programmes

All our Career Development and Mentoring Programmes have been awarded ‘Institute Approved’ status by the Institute of Leadership.

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