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UNOPS: Career Conversations Webinars improve communication between employees and their supervisors

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United Nations Office for Project Services UNOPS
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Increase in Career Conversations

It is an excellent program. The information was very clear and very well presented. The facilitators were excellent. It was great having questions to answer, it made the session more interactive and it was interesting seeing the thoughts of everyone (including those who would usually not speak up during this type of sessions).

Business priorities:

Supporting the career growth of high performing employees


Non-profit Organisation Management

Lead contact:

Head of Talent Management


52 participants nominated by their offices for the High Performing Nationals Programme


19 countries

Our client’s challenge

UNOPS is a project based organisation by nature. This means they cannot commit to offering long-term career paths. However, the project-based nature also comes with certain advantages – they engage in a broad range of projects, which means that the development opportunities that do not exist in one country/region may be found in another, and that although some opportunities do not exist today, they may appear in the future.

As an organisation they have an above average high engagement rate, which is measured in People Surveys. However, Career Development came out as one area to strengthen in the organization. This National Higher Performer Programme was one action among others.

52 participants from 19 counties were nominated by their offices based on the set eligibility criteria (outstanding performance and tenure with UNOPS). As part of the Programme, UNOPS wished to support the individuals to take the lead in driving their own development. They also wished to ensure their People Leaders had the tools and skills to help the individual grow.

Our solution and results

As part of the High Performing National Programme we delivered a series of webinars. We delivered our Confident Career Conversations Webinar series for Supervisors to help them develop the skills to engage in career conversations with their supervisees. To complement the webinar series, we provided each supervisor with a Career Conversation Toolkit. We also delivered our Career Compass webinar for the individuals and provided each with a Career Compass Workbook so they could prepare effectively for career conversations with their supervisor.

The webinars were very well received. The series for supervisors was rated 9 out of 10. The webinar for supervisees was rated 9.2 out of 10.

The webinars resulted in the following:

  • 82% of the Programme participants reported an increase in career conversations with supervisors
  • 86.4% of supervisors reported holding two or more career conversations since the beginning of the Programme

Great webinar. Very useful. It makes people think and reflect where they are, what they are doing now and what will be the future. It was very motivating to see the actions that I did and those that I still have to do. The way it was conducted was very motivating and made people focus more. We gained the knowledge how we should developed our career in better way.


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