Mentoring Celebration Event

Celebrate the progress, achievements and successes that participants have had during and as a result of the programme

A Mentoring Programme is a strategic development initiative. It is important to review what has been achieved against the desired outcomes for mentors, mentees and the organisation. Our Celebration Event provides an opportunity to review and look back over the whole programme. It helps identify progress, impact & benefits of the programme. It also encourages participants to look forward and identify strategies for how they can build on success.

What is the Mentoring Celebration Event

An engaging and interactive session with mentors and mentees to celebrate progress and success.


What are the benefits?

As a result of this event, mentors, mentees and key stakeholders in the programme will:

  • Celebrate the progress, achievements and successes that participants have had during and as a result of the programme
  • Identify the specific ways (tools, techniques, changes in attitudes/behaviour) the programme helped them make this progress and be successful
  • Determine what mentors and mentees are going to do to build on these successes
  • Evaluate the programme and suggest improvements for the future



  • How to evaluate progress in a Solution-Focussed way
  • Stories of Success – Describing successes, achievements and progress as a result of the Programme
  • What I’m impressed by – Defining the specific actions and behaviours that helped make progress and deliver results
  • Star Qualities – Building a picture of skills and talents
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Describing the impact and benefits of the Programme so far
  • Looking to the future – Identify specific steps you can take to keep the good things going
  • Building on Success – suggested improvements for future programmes
  • Bringing the Programme to a close


Who is it best for?

The Celebration Event is best attended by mentors and mentees who have participated in the Mentoring Programme.


How does it work?

The session is delivered as a half-day in-person workshop or a series of 90-minute live online sessions.

Online Learning Programmes

All our existing programmes are available for delivery virtually. Options include Live Online Learning, Supported or Blended Online Learning, Webinars and Self-guided Learning.

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