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Creating a culture of growth and career development is critical to increase employability and impact.

Many employees crave opportunities for career development. Your organisation probably wants to provide those opportunities. Yet, it can be challenging to promote continuous learning in a large organisation across many time zones and geographies. Career Labs are a low-cost and high-impact way to link career management and learning

The webinar was excellent. The presenters were fantastic and kept the webinar on point and very interesting. They also took some very good questions from the participants, which was extremely useful. The presenters spoke about their personal experiences and gave very practical tips. The session was just excellent!

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A dynamic learning environment to build career development skills

What are Career Labs?

Career Labs have been designed to enhance the employee experience. They promote dialogue by providing exercises, tools and guidance for career development. As a result, the Career Labs can support all employees in their career planning.

Benefits of the Career Labs

The Career Labs help employees:

  • Reflect on their career to date to develop self-awareness and self-insight
  • Define their career ambitions and communicate them to their manager/HR professional
  • Identify what support they need to make progress
  • Map out the knowledge, skills and experience needed to achieve their career goals
  • Identify strategies for developing their capabilities
  • Commit to actions that focus on their own progression and development

Who are the career labs for?

Career Labs are for large groups of individuals in organisations. It is a way for organisations to provide support on a large scale. It is a resource to encourage employees to take ownership of their career development.

How do the Career Labs work?

Career Labs provide employees with a dynamic learning environment to build career development skills. They encourage employees to take ownership of their growth and development.

Career Labs are offered as large-scale workshops/webinars. The live sessions are conducted virtually so that attendees can take part from a wide range of geographies and time zones. The sessions are recorded so that non-attendees can take part at an alternative time if that is more convenient.

Outlined below are some of the topics on offer.

How to Assess Your Work Values

This Career Lab helps employees assess their work values so they can use this knowledge to guide their career choices.

The Role of Personality in Career Development

This Career Lab helps employees understand their preferences. That understanding gives them a much richer picture of ‘who they are’, ‘what they do’, and ‘how they adapt to the world around us’. That can be invaluable self-awareness for career development.

Identifying Your Career Skills and Talents

This Career Lab provides employees with tools to assess skills and talents. The result is improved job satisfaction and better influence over key decision makers.

Mapping Out Your Career Ambitions

This Career Lab provides five steps employees can take to define and begin achieving their career ambitions. That can be a tremendous asset.

Strategies to Accelerate Your Career Development

Taking ownership of their career is the best way for employees to make progress and be successful. That relies on exploring different options and identifying strategies they can use to make progress. 

Powerful Career Conversations

This session provides practical tips on how employees can have a comfortable career conversation with their supervisor or manager.

Leverage Networking to Manage Your Career

In this Career Lab we address some of the myths around networking and shift mindsets so employees see it as something more natural and comfortable. And we share five practical steps employees can take to leverage their networks without feeling awkward forced and fake.

Building and Promoting Your Professional Brand

In this Career Lab, employees learn how they can develop their personal brand without pretending to be something they’re not.

How to Succeed in the First 90 Days of a New Role

Though starting a new job can be stressful, the transition does not have to be full of tension and anxiety. By defining their approach for the first 90 days of starting a new job, employees can learn the ropes and become productive quickly.

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