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Red Stripe: Blended online learning develops career conversation skills across time zones and geographies

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The live online session was an amazing experience. It felt so much like we were in a face-to-face session, can’t think of anything that we missed not being together.

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Low-cost, high impact way of developing career conversation skills


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Training Consultant


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Our client’s challenge

As part of the Heineken group, Red Stripe is committed to developing its people. That relies on career conversations to help employees see a future for themselves in their organisation, empower them to take ownership for their careers and provide opportunities for growth and progression beyond promotion.

There was a strong desire to develop the career conversation skills of the managers but a limited budget for training or travel. That challenge was further compounded when the COVID crisis hit around the world and everyone in Jamaica and the UK were restricted to working from home.

Our solution and results

To address the challenge of scale we identified a group of HR professionals and managers who would participate in the Confident Career Conversations programme and then become Certified to deliver the programme in Red Stripe.

To address the challenge of geography and time zone, we delivered both programmes in a blended online format. Participants attended live coaching calls every week for 12 weeks. Between sessions, participants watched online video content, completed activities and interacted via the online portal.

This allowed participants to become familiar with the materials, put their skills into practice and reflect on their learning, mostly working at their own pace but with support and coaching from Team AO and each other.

The blended online format worked really well. The programme achieved an overall rating of 9.6 out of 10.

All the supporting information before and ahead of learning about the toolkit was very beneficial to fully appreciating the value of career management in the organization. The course was brought to life with vivid examples that really helped to land the points and drive recall. I appreciated the seemingly personal touch to the examples. Ultimately, with this knowledge and the structured toolkit I feel more confident in engaging my team and others in career conversations that drives clarity/purpose for the individual.

Training Consultant

It was great to develop an understanding of the Conversation tool kit and how to use it as the foundation to frame conversations. Also, to be able to put into practice what we had learnt by pairing up with other participants and practice conversations.


Overall the content was very easy to understand and absorb. Looked forward to the activities in each section and the additional reading to cement the concepts.


I really appreciated the weekly interactions to learn from fellow colleagues.


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