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This was an excellent workshop thanks to the toolkit and its set of questions.

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Office politics. Egos. Challenging economic times. No wonder managers and employees can find it hard to talk about career development. We all know it’s good to talk. But let’s face it. Opening up a sensitive issue like career progression can weigh heavily on even the most experienced shoulders. Where should you start? What questions should you ask? How do you help employees develop their careers? How do you deal with some of the dilemmas that might come up? Our Confident Career Conversations Workshop will give you the practical tools and skills you need.

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Start having effective career conversations

What is the Confident Career Conversations Workshop?

The Confident Career Conversations Workshop provides you with the practical skills and tools to have meaningful career conversations.

What are the benefits?

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The Confident Career Conversations Workshop will help you:

  • Have a meaningful career conversation in only 20 minutes without any complex process or paperwork
  • Help employees feel more positive and satisfied with their current role no matter what their ambitions
  • Encourage employees to take development opportunities that will help them and the organisation
  • Have conversations that make employees want to stay with your organisation rather than go elsewhere
  • Have a flexible approach which means employees take ownership for their career development and you don’t have to have all the answers

Who is it best for?

The Workshop will benefit:

  • A manager who wants to have conversations to identify emerging talent
  • A coach who wants to add to their toolkit to help employees with career challenges
  • A mentor who wants to help their mentees develop their careers and realise their ambitions
  • An HR professional who wants to create a culture of career development within their organisation

How does it work?

Career Conversation Toolkit

The duration of the programme is 6 hours.  We can deliver in person or online via technology.

You’ll receive individual coaching and telephone/email support for the duration of the programme.  Typically, face to face sessions are limited to 12 participants to ensure we meet individual needs.

You’ll take home your own Career Conversation Toolkit and Application Guide.  And you’ll have access to a range of supplementary resources to help you with your Career Conversations in the Workplace.

You will learn:

  • The Role of Career Conversations in Talent Management
  • What makes a Career Conversation effective?
  • The 10 Career Conversation Tools
  • How to use the Career Conversation Toolkit for effective career conversations
  • How to deal with the Career Conversation challenges you experience and expect

Our Impact

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