Is your organisation struggling with these leadership challenges (the 3Cs)?

  1. Capacity – You don’t have enough leaders at all levels of the organisation. And you’re in danger of losing your best people.
  2. Capability – You have talented leaders with high potential for more. But they lack experience of operating at a higher level and don’t have the skills and confidence needed to grow the business.
  3. Culture – You don’t have a strong culture of growth and development through the organisation. Or maybe you do, but you’re worried about maintaining it as you grow.

Our Programmes address these three key leadership challenges and help leaders be more successful. We deliver our services in three ways: workshops, online and in house certification.

Career Conversations

Our Career Conversations programmes empower employees to take ownership of their development. That way, you develop leadership capacity at all levels of the organisation.

Find out more about Career Conversations


Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Programmes help leaders and leadership teams step up and be more strategic.

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Mentoring Matters

Our Mentoring Matters programmes help managers adopt a mentoring style of leadership. That helps you create a culture of growth and development throughout the organisation.

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Delivering results – The LEADER System

We follow our practical six-step LEADER system to ensure all our Programmes are strategic and deliver real value to the business.

Find out more about The LEADER System


Online Learning Programmes

All our existing programmes are available for delivery virtually. Options include Live Online Learning, Supported or Blended Online Learning, Webinars and Self-guided Learning.

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Institute of Leadership and Management Approved Programmes

All our Programmes have been awarded ‘Institute Approved’ status by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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