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Confident Career Conversations

Confident Career Conversations Amazon #1 best seller book cover in hard copy on an mobile phone and on a tablet

Empower your employees for career growth and retention

Confident Career Conversations is the ultimate guide for any employer looking to create a workplace culture that fosters employee development and retention. It offers a pragmatic, simple framework to have meaningful career conversations in twenty minutes or less with little or no paperwork. In this book, you’ll learn the skills and techniques needed to empower your employees to take control of their careers and grow within your organisation.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience in talent development and management, author and career expert Antoinette Oglethorpe shares her proven strategies for initiating and conducting career conversations with your employees and team members.

By reading this book, you’ll learn:

How career development has changed and continues to change in the ever-evolving world of work.
Why career conversations are important, and the different roles played by employees, managers and HR.
A model and toolkit you can use to plan, prepare and hold effective career conversations.
A set of powerful questions to provoke reflection and encourage employees to take ownership of their career development.
How to address some of the most common challenges and concerns people face when holding career conversations.
Confident Career Conversations Amazon #1 best seller book cover in hard copy on an mobile phone and on a tablet

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In her book, Confident Career Conversations, Antoinette offers a simple but pragmatic framework that anyone can apply, if they take their role as people developer seriously.

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About the Author

Antoinette Oglethorpe is a multi-award-winning specialist in career management and mentoring. Her mission is to help people realise their potential and fulfil their ambitions so that organisations benefit from the increased productivity that results when people are happier at work. Following 25 years’ experience as a Learning and Development Director for Accenture, Avanade and FTSE 500 companies, Antoinette founded her eponymous training and coaching company in 2012.

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Empower your employees for career growth and retention. Download the first chapter free today.

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