Mentoring Community sessions

Maintain the momentum of your Mentoring Programme through ongoing support and guidance

Continuing support of the mentoring programme is vital. A programme where support stops after the launch is likely to lose energy and momentum. Strategies that preserve the enthusiasm will improve the likelihood of achieving results. Mentors need to feel valued for the contribution they make. And they need somewhere they can go to for guidance should issues and problems arise.  Our Mentor Community sessions will give them the opportunity to reflect and learn from others’ experience.

What are the Mentoring Community sessions

Regular Mentor Community Sessions that combine reflection, supervision and new skill development.


What are the benefits?

As a result of these sessions, mentors will learn from and support each other. They will also develop new skills that will help their mentoring relationships.


What do we cover?

Each session helps mentors review what’s working well for them in their mentoring relationships. Then the focus moves on to the challenges they might like help with. In that way, the sessions focus on the questions they would like answered.

Each session also includes an interactive, bite-sized piece of content to add to the mentoring skills and tools.

Topics include:

  • Getting to Know Your Mentor/Mentee
  • The Power of Storytelling in Mentoring
  • Mentoring in groups and teams
  • Mentoring challenges and courageous conversations
  • Mentoring in a time of change and uncertainty
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • Finding time for mentoring
  • Maintaining momentum in your mentoring partnership


Who is it best for?

The Mentoring Community Sessions will benefit any mentor who has been through the initial training. For those now in mentoring relationships, they can reflect on what is working what they can do to build on that.


How does it work?

These sessions can be delivered as half-day, in-person workshops or a series of 90-minute live online sessions.

Online Learning Programmes

All our existing programmes are available for delivery virtually. Options include Live Online Learning, Supported or Blended Online Learning, Webinars and Self-guided Learning.

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