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With the COVID-19 outbreak, organisations are rethinking work and development. HR and learning professionals are shifting to online learning platforms to build critical skills that will differentiate their workforce when we emerge from the current crisis.

All our existing programmes are available for delivery virtually. We understand one of the fears of moving to online learning is that there will be a loss of engagement and interaction. As specialists in Solutions Focus practice and Brain-Friendly Learning we design all our training, whether that is face to face or online, so that it engages both sides of the brain, facilitates learning through multiple intelligences and is fun!

As one of our clients said recently,

We have a range of different learning options

Working internationally we have operated virtually for some time. Our first involvement with live online training was 20 years ago. There are a range of different technology-enabled learning options.  The following video tells you a little bit about them. We will work with you to determine the best option for you, the best timing and the best technology platform.

Self-Guided Online Learning

Traditionally thought of as e-learning. An unlimited number of participants can work through content at their own pace, through our online learning portal. Interaction comes in the form of activities that participants complete at their own pace and through comments on the portal.

You can enrol today for the following self-guided programmes on the AO Online Learning Portal:


Webinars are like online lectures catering for a large number of participants, sometimes hundreds. There is some live interaction.

As well as delivering webinars for clients, we run a regular schedule of live and on-demand webinars that are free to attend.  Check out our latest event schedule at

Live Online learning

This is where we recreate a live workshop experience using technology rather than in a classroom. Typically for groups of six to eight participants, there’s a mixture of sharing of information as well as group coaching and activities in breakout rooms. Pretty much anything that you can do in a workshop you can recreate in a live online learning session using technology for interaction and engagement.

We are specialists in brain-friendly learning and solutions focus principles and we apply those in our online learning as well as our face to face learning. So, we make the experience just as interactive and engaging. The only difference is that we need to work things differently in terms of participant numbers and how we chunk down the content and timing.

That is something we work through with our clients. We will look at your specific needs, the numbers of participants you have, and the technology you have to work with, so we can design the right solution for you.

Blended Online Learning

Participants work through the content in our Online Learning Portal. Then come together for live online learning workshops with up to 10 participants.

The overall Satisfaction Score is 9.6 (out of 10) for our Live Online and Blended Learning programmes.

Institute Approved

All of our online programmes are approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management (InstLM)

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Please book a free no-obligation 30-minute discovery session to explore online learning options with us. We’ll discuss how to harness the power of technology to continue learning through this crisis and beyond.

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