Mentoring Matters

Programmes to identify, retain and develop your future leaders


We help companies design and deliver mentoring programmes to identify talent, retain valued employees and develop future leaders.The world’s most successful organisations use mentoring to develop their leaders. 77% of companies report that mentoring programmes are effective in increasing employee retention and performance. 

What you get

We work with you on the 5 key stages you need to consider:

Engagement – we design and facilitate workshops with key people to plan and co-design the programme.


Training – we deliver programmes for mentors and mentees to help them develop the skills and confidence to get the most from the mentoring relationship.


Matching – we provide guidance and advice on how to carry out the matching process as well as resources and templates to make the process easier.


Support we design a range of support activities.  These might include networking, social events and mentor forums; workshops on topics such as career development, story telling, leadership; a regular newsletter and access to any on-line library or intranet.


Evaluation – we facilitate group reviews mid-way and at the end of the programme to check on progress, celebrate achievements and discuss ways to get the most out of the rest of the programme or to improve future programmes.



The benefits from our Mentoring Programmes include:


Reduced employee turnover

Increased employee engagement

Greater knowledge sharing

Early identification of top talent



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