Talent Development

Accelerated development for high-performing leaders


We design and deliver Accelerator Programmes to develop your talent and realise their leadership potential. Did you know, only a quarter of organisations say that Talent Development Programmes are effective at improving performance? It doesn’t have to be that way. Our Accelerated Leadership Development Model ensures leaders develop capability whilst delivering results.

What you get

Our Accelerated Leadership Development Model has three elements:

Leader in the Workplace we conduct a needs analysis to understand the business context, the required leadership tasks, skills and behaviors, and their specifc development needs. Those organisational challenges from the basis of the programme.


Peers, Coaches, Mentors – as part of the design we determine the form of coaching and mentoring support that will be provided to participants.


Books, e-Learning, Workshops – over a 6 to 12-month period we deliver a series of workshops supported by other online and oline resources. Each workshop and learning experience is designed to ensure new skills and behaviors get embedded into practice in the workplace.



Our Accelerator Programmes are stimulating learning experiences that have a wide-ranging impact.  They result in observable differences in behaviour and performance which have positive effects throughout the organisation.  These include:


Less negativity and a more positive culture

Team members empowered and energised, giving everyone more time

Staff becoming more self-reliant and less dependent

People feeling more positive and enjoying work therefore being more proactive

Making greater progress and moving things forward

Improved relationships

More frequent celebration of progress

More action, less discussion


These translate into improvements in employee retention, internal progression and organisational performance.



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