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Career Burnout 11 signs to look our for - burntout person sat at a computer in their kitchen looking unhappy

11 Signs to Watch Out for When You’re at Risk of Career Burnout

Burnout is not good for you or your career. Research by Glassdoor has revealed that reports of burnout among UK workers have almost doubled over the past year. The report said workplaces were “extremely understaffed and workers disillusioned” after Covid. Employers initially felt pressure to ‘build back better’ but were caught short by disruption. As

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influencing your manager two work colleagues having an informal chat at work

Managing Upwards: 8 tips for influencing your manager

In my blog post, Managing Upwards: How to make progress through influencing your supervisor, I introduced the subject of managing upwards. And I emphasised the importance of ‘Seek first to understand; then to be understood.’ In my last blog post, Managing Upwards: First you need to clearly understand your Manager, I shared some ideas on

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Trust Matters – Why is it so important in the workplace? woman wityh mug saying worlds best boss

Trust Matters – Why is it so important in the workplace?

We are very privileged to support the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with their Virtual Career Lab (VCL) series.  The VCLs are more than webinars.  They provide exercises, tools and guidance on a range of career development topics. A few weeks ago, I delivered one on the subject of “Trust Matters” so I thought I’d

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deepen your self-awareness deep thought journal and pens

7 Actions You Can Take to Deepen Your Self-Awareness

In my last blog post, I talked about why deepening self-awareness is critical for career growth and success. Deepening your self-awareness is a lifelong effort. Researcher and author Tasha Eurich uncovered a disturbing statistic. Her multi-year study showed that 95% of us think we are quite self-aware, but only about 10-15% of us actually are.

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top 20 blogs of 2020. The words "Top 20" written in black paint on a colorful watercolor washed background.

Top 20 blogs of 2020 – inspiration in a challenging year

It feels like we are already deep into 2021, but we always enjoy looking back and reviewing the popular blogs of previous years. Although for many 2020 might not be a year we look back on with fondness, it certainly was a catalyst for rapid change, as businesses and individuals re-evaluated what was important. This

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Organisations mentoring programme - black male mentor advising red haired female employee

A Year in the Life of an Organisation’s Mentoring Programme

I have spent many years working in-house managing a changing environment for people at work.  Working with some amazing people and organisations, I have seen some terrific changes in work cultures and skills development.  Having joined Antoinette Oglethorpe Ltd, an organisation I trust and admire, I can continue to help other organisations to benefit from

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7 characteristics that make a good mentor word cloud

7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Mentors

This time of year (September/October) is known as the start of the academic year here in the UK.  For many of our clients, it marks the start of their development year too. We are currently working with a number of organisations to train new mentors as part of a 12-month mentoring programme. One of the

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