Mentoring in Times of Change and Uncertainty

Mentoring in Times of Change and Uncertainty


Wednesday 30th March 10:00
Wednesday 30th March 16:00

As people and organisations prepare for the ever changing rules of lockdown, there will be a lot of work and challenges to address. People are nervous about their futures and with good reason. Many organisations are already facing tremendous financial pressure. The economic downturn is likely to be deeper and longer than we have experienced before. This is new territory for everyone.

More than ever there is a need to support, care, and listen which is exactly the role that mentors can play.

Now is the time to listen more than talk. Employees want someone to talk to, discuss issues and get help. Mentors need to reach out and offer that support.

Mentoring is an excellent, ‘reflective’ space for employees to retain perspective and focus on aspects of their lives that they can actually do something about.

What is the Mentoring in Times of Change and Uncertainty Webinar about?

In this practical, interactive, online workshop, Antoinette will share ideas and approaches you can use that promote positive coping strategies in others.

We will also draw upon the considerable experience of Change Management Institute members, to consider what helps people during times of uncertainty and change; and how we, as mentors, can add most value during these difficult times.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

HR and Learning professionals interested in launching a mentoring programme or introducing more mentoring into their organisations.

What’s included

Each participant will receive a free eBook “M-Power. A Practical Guide to Mentoring in the Workplace.” and guide Seven Reasons Mentoring Programmes lose Momentum

This session will be facilitated by Antoinette Oglethorpe, an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, consultant and coach. Her company specialises in career management and mentoring. Their mission is to help their clients, colleagues and participants fulfil their potential for improved productivity and performance.


Note: The webinar is free and we expect to be oversubscribed. Places are limited, so if you are unable to attend, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.

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