The LEADER System

Helping Organisations Adopt a Strategic Approach to Leadership Development and Career Management

One of the biggest criticisms of leadership development and career management initiatives is that they are not aligned with the business. What if you could define your approach to leadership development and career management in the context of the business? What if you could work with the business to ensure the business strategy drives the development initiatives needed?  What if you could reassure decision makers that your programmes will help achieve business goals not distract from them.

What is the LEADER System?

The LEADER System is a practical six-step approach for developing leaders.  It ensures you work with the organisation and take a strategic approach to leadership development.

Our clients have chosen us – and we can help you – to:

  • Build leadership capacity so you have enough leaders at all levels of the organisation
  • Develop leadership capability so your leaders have the skills and confidence to grow the organisation
  • Create a strong leadership culture that supports growth and development



Who is it best for?

The LEADER System is a practical approach underpinning all the work we do with organisations.  It is particularly suited for companies looking for:

Practical. The LEADER System focuses on application not theory. It provides practical tools, techniques, skills and support to help you take action.

Simple. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible. We use the tools and adapt approaches so they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of your organisation.

Results. We work with you, connecting the needs of your company to your development strategies. By making this connection, we’re able to focus on making an impact and delivering tangible results.

How does it work?

We work with you to follow the six-step process as we design and deliver your development initiatives.

Step 1 Level:  We discuss what you’re trying to achieve in your organisation and what that means for leadership development and career management.  You’ll gain clarity on the real problem, its importance to the business and what you need to address it.


Step 2 Envisage:  We meet with key stakeholders and decision makers to develop a clear picture of what success looks like.  We reach an understanding of where you are now, agreement over what’s working and what needs to change.


Step 3 Assessment:  We work with key stakeholders and participants to assess specific strengths and development needs.  We agree what needs to happen to make improvement and commit to a route map and action plan.


Step 4 Develop:  We design a Development Programme that will deliver the required improvement for the identified participants.


Step 5 Embed:  We build in strategies to ensure that learning is transferred, actions are taken and behaviours change in the workplace.


Step 6 Reinforce:  We work with the organisation to identify processes and practices that may need to be developed for change to be sustained.


Your journey starts with a confidential 30-minute informal Discovery Call to discuss your leadership development and career management needs and priorities.

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