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leadership in business

Leadership in business: Where are you on the journey?

Growth is a good thing. Right? After all, if a business doesn’t grow, it is likely to disappear in the end. All businesses start work each day with the goal of growing toward a better, and more profitable, tomorrow. But, there are tons of challenges that come with growth, and leaders have to be ready

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good executive coaching

How to Get the Most from Executive Coaching

Let’s face it good executive coaching is not cheap. But it can be invaluable. Investing a few hours and a few thousand pounds can deliver significant increases in productivity and returns of hundreds of thousands of pounds.  As long as the leader in question takes full advantage of the opportunity and makes the most of their

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action learning

The 4 Laws for Action Learning

Successful leadership development relies on combining a number of development experiences and connecting them back to the workplace. No matter how good the content of a workshop may be, classroom training alone is not the most effective way to accelerate the development of leaders in an organisation. Many HR & Training Directors think that the answer

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World-Class Talent Development

What I learnt from 8 World-Class Talent Development Professionals

Last week I had the honour of working with 8 World-Class Talent Development Professionals. I was the Chair of the Leadership Development Track at HR Vision in London and the speakers included: Shannon Banks, HR Director Talent Management, Western Europe Microsoft Pip Clark, Principal Consultant and Director, Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd Louise Brownhill, Chief

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retaining talented employees

The Secret to Retaining Talented Employees

A few weeks ago I talked about one of my clients, a growing global organisation who needed to grow the management team with the organisation.  One of their biggest challenges was retaining talented employees. Paul was one of the senior people I was asked to work with. For a fast-growing organisation, Client Services is a

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how to develop your high-potential employees

How to Develop Your High Potential Employees

Developing a leadership pipeline is a challenge for most organisations.  You need to think through how to develop your high-potential employees.  Perhaps this post can help. An insight from my own experience Let me start by sharing some of my own experience. You may be surprised to hear that I consider myself fortunate that I

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