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action learning

The 4 Laws for Action Learning

Successful leadership development relies on combining a number of development experiences and connecting them back to the workplace. No matter how good the content of a workshop may be, classroom training alone is not the most effective way to accelerate the development of leaders in an organisation. Many HR & Training Directors think that the answer

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World-Class Talent Development

What I learnt from 8 World-Class Talent Development Professionals

Last week I had the honour of working with 8 World-Class Talent Development Professionals. I was the Chair of the Leadership Development Track at HR Vision in London and the speakers included: Shannon Banks, HR Director Talent Management, Western Europe Microsoft Pip Clark, Principal Consultant and Director, Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd Louise Brownhill, Chief

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retaining talented employees

The Secret to Retaining Talented Employees

A few weeks ago I talked about one of my clients, a growing global organisation who needed to grow the management team with the organisation.  One of their biggest challenges was retaining talented employees. Paul was one of the senior people I was asked to work with. For a fast-growing organisation, Client Services is a

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how to develop your high-potential employees

How to Develop Your High Potential Employees

Developing a leadership pipeline is a challenge for most organisations.  You need to think through how to develop your high-potential employees.  Perhaps this post can help. An insight from my own experience Let me start by sharing some of my own experience. You may be surprised to hear that I consider myself fortunate that I

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planning for succession

Why A Succession Plan is not the same as Planning for Succession

One of the challenges I see often in organisations is that Talent Management focuses heavily on identifying who should be on the succession plan and who is considered a leader of the future. And that’s where it stops. Once the names are slotted into the relevant grids and boxes, nothing happens until the following year when the

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Image of a broken chain

Is This the Biggest Risk to Your Succession Plan?

In my last blog post “Only 14% of Talent Management Programmes Work.  What Can You Do About It?” I talked about why it’s important to have a joined up approach to succession and talent management that creates a fit between the ambitions of an organisation and its leaders. Let me share a story of why

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talent management

Only 14% of Talent Management Programmes Work. What Can You Do About It?

Did you realise only 14% of Succession Planning and Talent Management Programmes are considered a success? That was the conclusion from a 2009 survey by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).  Frankly, experience tells me things haven’t improved over the last few years. Whatever the figure, there’s plenty of opportunity for improvement.  Talent

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resolve conflict

3 Reasons You Need to Train Managers to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

This post was originally published in the Newsletter for CIPD Management Toolclicks.  You can read the original article here. Conflict in the workplace is a management issue and every manager need to be able to resolve conflict in a healthy, productive fashion.  Workplaces employ people and, as soon as you have people working together, you have

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