I Help Organisations Develop Their Leaders and Leaders Develop Their Careers

I provide executive coaching, leadership training and workshop facilitation that puts your organisation's challenges at the heart of the development activity.

Leadership results from what you do not what you know. Rather than traditional classroom learning of leadership theories, I help you work through immediate business challenges and take the action needed to make progress.


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Mentoring Tips and Tricks

7 Mentoring Tips and “Tricks of the Trade”

In my experience of developing leaders, one of the "Top 10 Questions to Answer in Mentor Training" is "What am I missing?  Are there any mentoring tips or ‘tricks of the trade’?" Crikey!  That's a difficult question to answer. If you don't know what you don't know, how am I supposed to know … [Read More...]

What tools and techniques are available for mentoring

What tools and techniques are available for mentoring?

People are unpredictable. When you're entering a new relationship, you're entering the unknown. It's no wonder that when managers embark on mentoring, they are keen for tools and techniques that might help them. And the reality is there are MANY tools and techniques for mentoring.  In their … [Read More...]

What Does Good Mentoring Look Like 2

What Does Good Mentoring Look Like?

As I said in my blog post Top Ten Questions to Answer in Mentor Training, the number one question the mentors I train want answered is "What does good mentoring look like?  How will I know if I'm doing a good job?" There are plenty of articles on the Internet that will try to answer that … [Read More...]

Mentor Training

Top Ten Questions to Answer in Mentor Training

When HR and L&D professionals hire me to train their mentors, one of their concerns is often that the mentors who are attending are senior people and are likely to have had a fair bit of experience of mentoring. Their concerns are usually unfounded. In my experience, people who have … [Read More...]

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