I Help Organisations Develop Their Leaders and Leaders Develop Their Careers

I provide executive coaching, leadership training and workshop facilitation that puts your organisation's challenges at the heart of the development activity.

Leadership results from what you do not what you know. Rather than traditional classroom learning of leadership theories, I help you work through immediate business challenges and take the action needed to make progress.


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What’s an alternative to 360 degree feedback?

I’ve had some interesting responses to my blog posts about 360 degree feedback and The Leadership Versatility Index. And they echo the responses I often get from clients. They go something like this: “I love the look of The Leadership Versatility Index and I think any 360 degree feedback … [Read More...]


Mentoring Programmes in Organisations

  I was very flattered when I was contacted a few weeks ago by the editor for the newsletter, Mentoring & Coaching Monthly, at the UNM Mentoring Institute. He was interested in my perspectives on the development of mentoring programmes and wondered if I would be willing to help … [Read More...]

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How to make sure 360 degree feedback results in leader development

An integral part of a successful development programme that uses 360 degree feedback is the use of a highly experienced coach who can help leaders understand the feedback and follow through on an action plan. Now you may be thinking “Well, of course you’re going to say that.  You’re a highly … [Read More...]


How to Manage the Information from 360 Degree Feedback 

Selecting the right 360 degree feedback tool is the first step in making sure the leader gets the information they need.  But it isn’t enough.  You also need to communicate effectively and manage the process closely. Communication Communicating effectively will reduce anxiety and increase … [Read More...]

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