I Help Organisations Develop Their Leaders and Leaders Develop Their Careers

I provide executive coaching, leadership training and workshop facilitation that puts your organisation's challenges at the heart of the development activity.

Leadership results from what you do not what you know. Rather than traditional classroom learning of leadership theories, I help you work through immediate business challenges and take the action needed to make progress.


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3 Steps to Positively Influence Others (Even if They’re More Senior Than You)

As a leader in an organisation you’re in the difficult position of having to influence in many directions.  Of course you need to influence the people you manage but you also need to influence your peers, your bosses, clients and others outside the organisation. Your effectiveness at … [Read More...]

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3 Roles Coaching Can Play In Talent Management

Earlier this year I presented at the Association for Coaching Conference.  The theme of the conference was “Time to Develop” and my session was about the role of coaching in talent management.  After a preamble looking at the talent management challenges faced by organisation and why it’s … [Read More...]

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The Secret to Retaining and Developing Your Future Leaders

A few weeks ago I talked about one of my clients, a growing global organisation who needed to grow the management team with the organisation. Paul was one of the senior people I was asked to work with. For a fast-growing organisation, Client Services is a critical function.  The board didn’t … [Read More...]

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How to Develop Your High-Potential Employees in a Way that Meets their Needs AND the Organisation’s

Have you ever been made redundant? Or know anyone who was made redundant? You may be surprised to hear that I consider myself fortunate that I was made redundant from my first proper job. It was actually voluntary redundancy.  It was my choice to leave.  It was from an excellent company.  I … [Read More...]

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