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Antoinette is an inspiring speaker on many topics related to developing leaders in organisations. Antoinette informs and entertains with her presentations. Her goal is to make the event memorable, and to make sure it makes a difference. She wants attendees to go away with practical ideas and strategies that they are inspired to put into action.


Her talks are aimed at CEOs, senior leaders and HR professionals.


About the Speaker


Antoinette has over 25 years experience getting business results through the development of leaders for companies such as P&G, Accenture, Avanade and XL Insurance. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), an Associate of the Association for Coaching and a member of the Professional Speakers Association. She is regularly invited to be a speaker and chair at HR and business events around the world.
Antoinette is the author of Grow Your Geeks – A Handbook for Developing Leaders in High-Tech Organisations. She believes an organisation’s success lies in connecting the ambitions of its employees with the commercial needs of the organisation. Her mission is to help companies realise the leadership potential of their people so together they can create an amazing future.




1. Grow Your Geeks – How to Develop Leaders in Fast-Growing, High-Tech Companies

The single biggest challenge to the success of a high-tech business is the quality of its leaders. How can you develop leaders who can sustain the fast growth of your business? In this talk, Antoinette explains the leadership journey that growing companies go through. She outlines the key inhibitors to leadership and shares the practical steps that companies can take to overcome them



2. Employees Don’t Care about your Organisation – What You Need to Know About Career Development in Organisations

In this practical and interactive session, Antoinette explores the strategic role of career development within an organisation. She shares key insights into who is responsible for developing employees’ careers and highlights the tools available for managers and employees to put career development into practice.



3. No-one can be a Success on their Own – How to use Mentoring to Engage, Keep and Develop your Leaders

Mentoring is one of the top strategies for career development and advancement within an organisation. It is also a critical support for people making career changes and transitions. In this talk, Antoinette explores the strategic role of mentoring in developing leaders. She outlines the steps needed to make it work in practice and the guidance and support that individuals need.



4. It’s Good to Talk! How to Engage, Retain and Develop Future Leaders through Career Conversations

Empowering employees to take ownership for their career is a crucial part of developing leaders. Good career management drives engagement (and performance); poor career management breeds dissatisfaction. In this talk Antoinette shares insights on why employees need to not look to their managers for all the answers. She will highlight the typical approaches organisations take and why they don’t work. She will provide practical guidance on how to structure career conversations so that employees feel more empowered.

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