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Engaging and inspiring talks specialising in career management and mentoring

Are you looking to invest in your people? Do you need a quality speaker for your careers fair, conference or development programme?

Antoinette Oglethorpe is an engaging and inspiring speaker specialising in career management and mentoring. She speaks at events across the globe on subjects like the impact of mentoring and the importance of career conversations to engage, keep and develop leaders, among other talent development topics.

Antoinette uses stories gleaned from her previous experience working in the corporate world with insights derived from over 25 years helping people realise their potential and fulfil their ambitions.  Her talks are packed with value, inspiration and actionable insights. Your attendees will gain a fresh perspective. They will go away with practical ideas and strategies they are inspired to put into action along with the tools they need to implement them.

Speaking Topics

The New Rules of Career Growth

What will work look like five years from now? Will the roles we have today even exist in five, 10 or 20 years? And what will happen to the organisation and industry you work for? We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that we live in changing, turbulent times. This means that jobs could be very different – or even irrelevant – in the years to come.

Growth in today’s organisation environment means thinking differently about development. It’s no longer about career ladders and restrictive career paths. Career development is less about job moves and changes in grade. It is more to do with someone’s experience, satisfaction and skill development.

The New Rules of Career Growth will inspire your people to take ownership of their career in a way that is meaningful and right for them.

Retaining and Developing Talent in a Changing World of Work

Employee engagement and organisation culture are so intertwined that it is difficult to mention one without the other. And professional growth and development is the glue that binds the two together. If an organisation wants to attract and retain talent, the culture needs to support their professional growth. This session will help your audience explore five fundamental factors they can use to cultivate an inclusive culture that supports the growth and development of all.

Audience members will gain access to a free diagnostic tool to help them carry out a health check on their organisation’s culture so they can identify what’s working and what needs to change.

Career Conversations: The Power is in the Question

Empowering your employees to take ownership for their career development is a crucial part of developing your talent. Good career management drives engagement (and performance).  Poor career management breeds dissatisfaction.

The Power is in the Question will help your managers hold meaningful career conversations that engage, retain and develop their employees. Their employees will feel more satisfied with their current role and more able to identify opportunities for growth and development.

They will walk away with practical guidance on how to structure career conversations so that employees feel more empowered and a Career Conversation Toolkit that can help them have effective career conversations in 20 minutes or less.

The Power of Mentoring to Develop Talent

Talent management and development is about getting the best people in the right places at the right time. It is about skilled individuals performing according to changing business needs. It is also about developing those skilled individuals in a way that realises their full potential and satisfies their ambitions. Mentoring is one of the top strategies for career development and advancement within an organisation. It is also a critical support for people making career changes and transitions. The Power of Mentoring to Develop Talent explores the strategic role of mentoring in developing leaders. Your audience will go away with a clear idea of the steps needed to make it work in practice and the guidance and support that individuals need.

Empowering Yourself to Take Control of Your Career

Feeling fulfilled is important to motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. And yet, many of us spend more time planning our next vacation than we do thinking about our future at work. The idea that people should take ownership for their own professional development has been around for some time. But no-one can do it alone. They need the tools to own their career. And they need support from their manager and the organisation. Empowering Yourself to Take Control of Your Career will help attendees take ownership of their career development. It will give them the tools, strategies and techniques to prepare for career conversations and get the support they need.

Attract and Retain Talent - Fearless Females Conference

Get a sense for my unique style and approach with this clip from the Fearless Female Conference

Previous Speaking Events

World Bank Group, Career Week, Virtual, May 2023

UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), Careers@UNHCR, Virtual, June 2023

Egyptian Banking Institute, Conference, Reinventing HR Conference, Egypt, January 2023

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Career Week, Virtual, February 2022

Association of Test Publishers (ATP) Special Interest Group Conference, Vienna, September 2019

University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute Conference, Albuquerque, October 2018

The Fearless Female Conference, Brighton, May 2018

Career Thought Leaders International Conference, Madrid, April 2018

Annual HR Summit, Amsterdam, March 2018

Key Person of Influence PitchFest, London, December 2016

Annual Women in Leadership Summit, Berlin, November 2016

Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Talent Forum, October 2015

HR Vision Amsterdam, June 2015

International Mentoring Association (IMA), April 2015

Career Development Institute (CDI), November 2014

HR Vision London, October 2014

Association for Coaching Conference, September 2013

On behalf of the Egyptian Banking Institute - Central Bank of Egypt, we would like to express our appreciation for a very successful and informative presentation by Antoinette Oglethorpe; during our HR conference “Reinventing HR”. We appreciate the time that had been dedicated from your side, which was definitely of an added value and were reflected into a constructive and fruitful discussions among all attendees. Special thanks and gratitude to Ms. Antoinette for the professionalism, dedication, that was reflected into the superior quality of work delivered. Your dedicated time, and efforts to support the HR conference are highly valued. Looking forward for more fruitful cooperation in the future.

Egyptian Banking Institute – Central Bank of Egypt

On behalf of the entire People and Culture team at the World Bank Group, we sincerely appreciate your invaluable contribution as a guest speaker in our Career Week 2023. I really appreciated the brilliant presentation. The feedback received so far on the session are very positive. I’ve heard from several participants that they really appreciated hearing about your journey, your perspective and practical advice on rethinking career development, taking ownership, the importance of career conversation and leveraging all available support mechanisms to enrich one’s portfolio. Thank you for your contribution in making Career Week 2023 a great success and we look forward to having you again at future events.

People and Culture team at the World Bank Group

On behalf of the ICRC Career Week team, thanks so much for your interaction and workshop today. We could have heard a penny drop in the virtual room as our colleagues were ever so captivated by your message. Which by the way was exactly the message that we want to give our line managers and staff. There were 264 colleagues in the session hanging on your every word – the biggest attendance of all the sessions all week. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, your energy and your dedication to bringing great career conversations to managers and staff. We so look forward to working with you again!

Dannette Haley, Career Development Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Antoinette has delivered many excellent workshops for the CCS(Career Counselling Services) Alumni Network. She is a thought leader and presents her ideas on Career Management in a way that always engages the audience. She focuses on the bigger picture as well as the detail and, having chosen to specialise in career management, has built an expertise which clients, individuals and organisations, can gain from.

Rob Nathan, Director, Career Counselling Services

Antoinette spoke at our D&I event focusing on Gender Equality within the workplace - The Fearless Female Conference. Despite having the sometimes unenviable final slot of the day Antoinette delivered an inspiring session that not only presented some unique insights from her own experience but also enabled a fresh perspective on some of the key areas already covered. Antoinette's delivery was excellent. Heartfelt, engaging and a great way to end a thoroughly inspiring day.

Paul Scrivens, Chief Executive, LoveLocalJobs

Antoinette has been a delight to work with and has added real value to HR Vision. When you run a premium event the quality of the chairing is crucial - and she has been exactly what we hoped she would be.

Nick Tyrrell, Founder, OsneyMedia

Antoinette is an outstanding industry expert with extensive knowledge and understanding of the HR sector. Not only has Antoinette helped shape our programmes & agendas for our international HR conferences, she has also successfully chaired a number of them over the years. Antoinette is a natural communicator with excellent interpersonal skills and always receives the highest ratings from our conferences delegates from around the world.

Georgios Kipouros, Managing Director, OsneyMedia


Antoinette delivered an engaging and interesting presentation at a market event that I organised on managing talented people in the workplace. She is professional, reliable and a delight to work with. She has an amazing ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of people.

Amanda Touhey, Learning and Development Specialist, Hiscox


Antoinette has worked with us on a number of HR Vision events, both in a chairing and facilitation role, and helping to co-create the agenda in an advisory role. Her knowledge and expertise in the Talent, Leadership and HR space is invaluable.

Anisa Cousin, Divisional Director, Osney Media


Antoinette is a vibrant and compelling speaker - able to convey expert knowledge of career management and learning and development concerns in a human and engaging way. Her experience of wide-ranging environments and organisations puts her in an excellent position to share deep insights. I recommend her highly as a speaker.

Valerie Rowles, Consultant in Career Development Learning and Educational Project Management


We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to you for being with us at Careers@UNHCR event. We appreciate the time you took from your busy schedule to deliver the How to adopt a growth mindset to support your career development session, for sharing your career journey and experiences with colleagues across the Organization. We are all grateful for the knowledge and experience which you shared with us. Your contribution to the event was invaluable, and we could not have asked for more engaging and inspirational speakers. Your participation was not only informative but also inspiring as it provided colleagues with a wealth of information to help them grow and develop in their careers. Again, thank you for making the Careers@UNHCR event memorable and such a success.

UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency)


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