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5 Things You Need to Know About Mentoring in the Workplace

I recently ran a series of webinars for a business school for their alumni to understand mentoring in the workplace. That was the most recent of several mentoring programmes I have helped launch and run in the UK and globally since 1997. Some of the mentoring programmes have been within organisations like the one I managed

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The role of mentoring in career development

The Role of Mentoring in Career Development [Slideshare]

Mentoring is one of the top strategies for career development and advancement within an organisation.  It is also a critical support for people making career changes and transitions. Career Coaches are often called upon to recommend mentoring, and to know about the information clients need to find a suitable mentor, as well as how to

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How to Find a Mentor

In my blog post “Top Ten Tips for Taking Control of Your Career”, I recommend that you “Find mentor(s) and sponsor(s) to support you.  To make progress in your career you will need the help, support and encouragement of others.  Take some time to identify those individuals who could assist you in some way.  Find

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Mentoring Part 2 – Mentoring Tools and Techniques [Slideshare]

In my last blog post, Mentoring Part 1, I mentioned a series of webinars for a leading UK university who were launching a mentoring programme for their MBA Alumni. And I shared a changed version of the slides from the webinar I delivered, “Is Mentoring for Me?” The second webinar in the series focused on “Mentoring

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mentoring questions

Is Mentoring For Me? Your Questions Answered

This post will attempt to answer your mentoring questions.  If it doesn’t please get in touch and I’ll answer directly. Mentoring can be an invaluable element of any leadership or professional development programme. It can help organisations: Retain talented employees and reduce costs of turnover and recruitment Develop leaders – those who mentor as well as those

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Image shows letter blocks spelling the word Guidance to reflect Why Every Leader Should Get a Mentor

10 Reasons Every Leader Should Get a Mentor

Why Every Leader Should Get a Mentor Last week I attended a great seminar featuring senior leaders talking about how they had managed their careers.  Every leader talked about the important role that mentors had played. Having recently helped launch the Professional Mentoring programme for CIPD North-East of England I was delighted to hear that and

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Antoinette Oglethorpe talks about how leaders can develop employee reengagement as part of their leadership skills

How to Get the Best From Your Mentor

I’ve recently been helping the CIPD North East of England Branch launch their professional mentoring programme.  Having run some mentoring skills workshops for the mentors, we realized that we also needed to give some guidance to mentees because research has shown that the mentoring relationships that succeed are the ones where both the mentor and

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