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Is This the Biggest Risk to Your Succession Plan?

In my last blog post “Only 14% of Talent Management Programmes Work.  What Can You Do About It?” I talked about why it’s important to have a joined up approach to succession and talent management that creates a fit between the ambitions of an organisation and its leaders. Let me share a story of why

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Only 14% of Talent Management Programmes Work. What Can You Do About It?

Did you realise only 14% of Succession Planning and Talent Management Programmes are considered a success? That was the conclusion from a 2009 survey by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).  Frankly, experience tells me things haven’t improved over the last few years. Whatever the figure, there’s plenty of opportunity for improvement.  Talent

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My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

Antoinette Oglethorpe | Talent Development | My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013 The end of every year is full of reviews.  Reviews of news, reviews of books, reviews of blog posts, reviews of, well,  just about everything. In my view, there are two reasons for this.  First, it’s a cop-out.  Let’s face it, people are

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How to create a Talent Development Programme

Is one of your challenges to create a talent development programme?  Then read on to hear how we helped a client do just that. We worked with a group of operating companies, bringing together Talent Champions from each of the Operating Companies.  They were a dispersed group working for different companies but coming together to

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How do you change an organisation?

As HR professionals and senior leaders, we often think on a macro scale when pondering the question “how do you change an organisation?”  We’re often trying to change or implement things at an organisation level, or we’re helping managers create change at a department level or business sector level.  And we’re often trying to do

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Talent Management – The Missing Link [slideshare]

Are you responsible for talent management in your organisation? If so, you will be well aware of the challenges of engaging, developing and retaining talented employees – especially in today’s economy and continuing change. The problem is that talent management approaches often don’t work because they’re missing an important link. The challenge is, that while

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The Number One Reason You Should Train Managers to Develop Employees

This post was originally published in the Newsletter for CIPD Management Toolclicks.  You can read the original article here. Managers often feel that one of the difficulties they face is the dual mandate to achieve business results and, at the same time, develop employees.But the reality is that employee development is not on top of

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The Best Resource for Retaining and Developing Talent

Employee career aspirations are an important consideration for talent management.  As this great quote says: “Don’t ask what the world needs – ask what makes you come alive because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”Howard Thurman There are few organisations who would argue with the need for retaining and developing talent. 

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