Career Conversations Training for Managers & Employees in Three Languages

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We are happy to announce that all our Career Conversations workshops are now available in three languages – French, Spanish and English.

This training is designed to help you improve your employees’ ability to handle career conversations, which are critical to the success of your organization. Our online sessions are interactive and include tools and techniques to help people handle tough conversations.

Delivery in multiple languages

For those of you who communicate in French or Spanish, our Confident Career Conversations Workshop for Managers and our Career Compass Workshop for Employees can be delivered in either language as well as English. We understand that the language of your choice is more than just a means of communication, it is a key to building trust and rapport with your participants. Please let us know which language you prefer so that we can be sure to schedule our best facilitators for you.

Our team has extensive experience facilitating workshops in French and Spanish as well as English. Our facilitators speak the languages fluently and can adapt their style to suit each group. Our expert facilitators are based in Europe and are highly skilled in working across cultures. They will ensure that all participants are able to fully participate, regardless of their language level or proficiency.

We use online technology to help us deliver our content. By delivering online, we can reach multiple geographies and time zones. Our materials have been professionally translated (by real human beings rather than AI!) to aid learning in the language of the workshop. If you decide to run the training in multiple languages all course content and materials will be identical for all audiences.

Benefits of delivering in Employees’ Native Language

Having training available in French and Spanish is a great way to reach people who do not speak English comfortably. Even though the business language may be English, we have found that many employees prefer to learn from a trainer who speaks their native language, even if they have a strong grasp of English.

Studies and learning theories show comprehension and retention of training materials are most effective in an employees’ native language, and a large reason for this is because employees can give their full attention to content, rather than trying to mentally focus on translating materials. They’re able to understand instructions and take notes more easily. They also feel less anxious during training sessions, which makes it easier for them to successfully complete the coursework.

The benefits of training employees in their native language are:

  • It enables non-English speakers to improve their performance on the job
  • They can contribute more effectively and work better with others when they have access to training in their own language
  • By providing employees with access to training in their own language, you can help them contribute more effectively and work better with others.
  • By providing this type of support for bilingual team members, you’ll help them feel more comfortable during their workday — which will lead to higher morale and decreased turnover rates.

If you would like to know more about our team or how we can help you, please contact us today on +44 (0)7957 604783 or email or book a free, no-obligation, discovery session.

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