Fit-For-Purpose Leadership. What can you learn?

Fit-For-Purpose Leadership

They say that writing books is addictive. Well, I haven’t written another book (yet!) But I have written a chapter for a new leadership book, Fit-For-Purpose Leadership.  It’s the result of a collaborative project and profits will go to The Prince’s Trust.

It launches today and we need your help.

Fit-For-Purpose Leadership

Fit-for-Purpose Leadership is the result of collaboration among 18 different authors from a worldwide think-tank called Leadership Gigs.  I am very proud to be among them.

My own chapter (chapter 17) is entitled It’s Time to Put Leadership on the To-Do List.  It was inspired by a client who asked me to run a session at an offsite to help his senior team spend less time focusing on operational management and more time focusing on strategic leadership.  I hope you enjoy it.

But my own chapter is not the reason to buy this book.  As a follower of my blog I will be happy to send you a free download of the chapter.  Just get in touch if you would like it.

The real reason to buy this book is the other 17 chapters, all written by leaders in their own right and experts in their fields.  Here they share their current best thinking on corporate wellness and well-being, health, mindset, social, meaning and purpose, best practice and emerging trends. And what it takes to be fit for purpose.

The United Nations Global Goals and The Princes Trust

The good news is we are donating a significant proportion of the ongoing revenue to The Princes Trust which creates amazing opportunities for determined young entrepreneurs.  This is part of a UN Global Goals initiative with a specific focus on supporting Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.

As a group, all the authors and the other members of Leadership Gigs share a commitment to actively foster the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. Our goal was to partner with an established organisation and we are proud to say that through the success of this project, we will be supporting The Princes Trust as a fundraising partner.

Launch Promotion

We’d love to see Fit-For-Purpose Leadership reach a very wide audience.  For the time being it is available on Kindle for just 99p.  You can buy it here

Please buy Fit-For-Purpose Leadership on Kindle for 99p and leave a review.  And please share this with other leaders so they too become Fit-For-Purpose.

As soon as the book hits number one we will release the paperback which will be priced at £10.

Thank you for your support.



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