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We’re now only a few weeks away from the launch of Grow Your Geeks.  A number of people have kindly read the book prior to publication.  And it’s already received some great reviews.

Pre-Publication Reviews of Grow Your Geeks

A ‘must read’ for Senior Leaders and HR partners alike, in fast growing high-tech environments

“Clear, engaging and practical, this book is a ‘must read’ for Senior Leaders and HR partners alike, in fast growing high-tech environments.  A major challenge in such a competitive arena is attracting, acquiring and retaining the brightest talent.  This book truly identifies the equal challenge in developing those bright, driven and highly technical people into the leaders needed to support and sustain continued growth.” Bernice Leppard, HR Director, UK, Nordics & MENA, BravoSolution.

Great guidance from a top quality business coach

“Grow Your Geeks represents great guidance from a top quality business coach. More than a book, it is a business focused coaching programme designed for tech business leaders who need to translate the development of their leaders into continued business success.   There is value-add from the very start and it hits the nail on the head with regard to the key leadership challenges facing fast moving hi-tech companies.  It goes on to offer a structured method and approach that is very practical and easy to follow with a minimal amount of ‘fluffy’ pschobabble!  A fantastic and highly-recommended resource.”  Sue Holly-Rodway, Senior Director, UKI, Oracle Corporation

An insightful and entirely practical handbook

“This is an insightful and entirely practical handbook for modern management to nurture and make successful the next generation of technology leaders. Based on real-world experience of the author rather than dry management science, the tools and techniques described are easily implemented and effective to help identify and grow those who will envision and create the future.” Mark Taylor VP Oracle Corp.

Answers many of the questions that companies battle with as they grow

“This is a great book that helps answer many of the questions that companies battle with as they grow and need leaders to grow with them.  Antoinette does a great job in discussing the differences between a “leader” and a “manager” and what strategy you should pursue for your company. This book shows you how the person answering the phone can be a leader in their own little domain if the right learning culture is in place to drive sustainable growth. This book will help you define it.”  John Fallou, CEO, Unio Corporation

A highly actionable leadership development bible

“This is a highly actionable leadership development bible, applied in the context of the challenges and opportunities of the high growth tech sector. It is definitely something I will go back to for ideas and guidance over and over again.” Ruth Bowen, Sales & Leadership Development Specialist, Veritas Technologies Ltd

A practical and robust six-step system

“This book is written in a very accessible style, underpinned by a practical and robust six-step system, which will clearly enable the development of leaders. The insightful questions which appear throughout the book, are borne of significant experience and provide structure and a framework for implementation.”  Professor Jane Turner, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Teesside University.

Extremely readable, clear and packed full of practical advice

“Thought this book was excellent.  Extremely readable, clear and packed full of practical advice.  Many (if not most) people are promoted to a leadership role with little or no guidance, so this is an essential reference point from an industry expert. From the pristine new manager to the experienced old warhorse, there’s lessons here for everybody and (surprisingly) every industry. I’m going to use the tips with my team- and I’m not even in the technology sector! Highly recommended!” Dr. Rikki Bhatia, Service Excellence Leader

Practical tips for growing your leaders

“A common sense book offering practical tips for growing your leaders (not just your geeks in my opinion!).  An easy read which is all in plain English (refreshingly there is NO jargon!) and logically laid out with provocative questions to help shape your thinking, summaries for easy reference and action points to help you plan for the future.  This is the kind of book that I know will be a valuable addition to my bookshelf and one that I will dip into regularly in my work.” Abigail East, Director & Consultant, Effectus People Solutions

The book will be available in paperback and kindle format.  You’ll be able to purchase it from Amazon very soon!

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