What’s the alternative to 360 degree feedback?

what's the alternative to 360 degree feedback

I’ve had some interesting responses to my blog posts about 360-degree feedback and The Leadership Versatility Index. Here I’ll look at what’s the alternative to 360-degree feedback?

And the comments I have received echo the responses I often get from clients.

They go something like this:

“I love the look of The Leadership Versatility Index and I think any 360-degree feedback would be useful. BUT…”

And the “BUT” is followed by a statement like one of these

1. I don’t want my colleagues to know I’m going through this coaching programme
2. My manager will only support it if we give everyone in the team the opportunity to get 360-degree feedback
3. The timing is not right to ask people for feedback”

So, what’s the alternative to 360-degree feedback?

Well, clearly you can’t really find out what a specific group of individuals think of you without asking them.

But there is a way to get close.

And that is to use a psychometric tool that measures your reputation. And that tool is the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series (Hogan LEAD).

Hogan LEAD measures personality from the outside – the observers view. In other words, it provides an assessment of how others see the person – their reputation. The person’s reputation is defined by “characteristics” that reflect how others evaluate their behaviour after repeated interactions.

Hogan LEAD consists of three different reports that all work together. Each report looks at a different aspect of personality.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

1. Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) focuses on Potential

The HPI provides information about the “bright” of personality – characteristics that appear during social interaction and that help or inhibits a person’s ability to (a) get along with others and (b) achieve his or her goals. So this report outlines an individual’s day-to-day leadership style, describing behaviours typically associated with that leadership style, leadership competencies, and comprehensive development recommendations.

Click here to see a sample Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) report >>

2. Hogan Development Survey (HDS) focuses on Derailers and Challenge

The HDS describes a leader’s characteristic way of interpreting the world and treating subordinates while under stress and pressure. It assesses 11 common performance risks that interfere with a person’s ability to build relationships with others and create cohesive goal-orientated teams. The counterproductive behaviours associated with these performance risks negatively influence peoples’ careers, relationships and satisfaction with life.

Click here to see a sample Hogan Development Survey (HDS) report >>

3. Leadership Forecast – Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) focuses on Values

The MVPI explores a person’s core values and goals that ultimately drive a leader’s behaviour, hopes and expectations about life. What a person values, determines how he/she will lead; this determines the environment a leader will create and the organisational culture in which the person will do their best work.

Click here to see a sample Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) report >>

Do you think the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series could be of value to your organisation? If you do, please get in touch by sending an e-mail to info@antoinetteoglethorpe.com.

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