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8 Proven Career Conversations Tips for Employee Career Growth

Are you confident about having carer conversations? Discover 8 career conversations tips, in this blog, to help them go well and develop your people. Who do you talk to about your career? Think about some of the big decisions you’ve made over the years.  I’m guessing that during those periods you will have benefitted from

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UK Career Development Awards 2019 - Shortlisted

We’ve been shortlisted for an award!

Well, what an exciting start to 2019!  Yesterday we learnt that our Career Conversations Programmes have been shortlisted for a Career Development Award in the category of Innovative and Impactful Employer Engagement Activity.  We’re delighted! The Award is sponsored by the Careers and Enterprise Company.  The winner of the Award will be announced at the UKCDA ceremony,

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Career development. How to create a culture of growth

How to Create a Culture of Growth and Career Development

Employee engagement and organisation culture are so intertwined that it is difficult to mention one without the other.  And career development is the glue that binds the two together.  If an organisation wants to engage its employees, the culture needs to support their professional growth. Develop talent or risk losing it Employee engagement is an

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Developing Employees: Good Career Development Questions to Ask

Career development discussions are just that – developmental.  They are a way to build on progress so far and continue a person’s career growth.  Even though they are positive conversations by nature, they are not without their challenges.  So what are some good career development questions to ask? Good Career Development Questions for Challenging Situations

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Role of a Mentor

Role of a Mentor: How to Give Advice

A common question we get asked in our Mentoring Matters and Career Conversations Workshops is “How do I provide insight without direction? I want to help.  I know they’re coming to me for advice.  But I don’t want to tell them what to do?” And quite right too. This Huffington Post article says it well. 

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Practical Career Development Questions to Ask Employees

Are you looking for career development questions to ask employees and develop your best people?  If so, you’re not alone.  The most frequently asked questions in our Confident Career Conversations Workshops relate to tools.  Questions like: “What effective tools could I use in my career conversations?” “Are there any particular tools you use that lead

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It's Good to Talk

Women in Leadership Discover It’s Good to Talk!

It’s Good to Talk!  That was my message to the audience in Berlin a few weeks ago. At the end of last month, I had the honour of being invited to speak at the Women in Leadership Global Summit.  The event brought together senior women from a wide range of organisations to explore opportunities for

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The Art of Effective Career Conversations

A Year in the Life of a Manager Development Programme | Part Five In this, the fifth instalment of the ‘A Year in the Life of a Manager Development Programme’ series, we explore what happened during the second workshop and look at why career conversations are important for building strong teams. Preparation for practice Before the

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My Biggest Talent Development Mistake

Talent Development Mistakes  – Have you ever made them? I have a confession to make. Even with decades of talent development experience, I have, in the past, let my own employees down. Talent Development Mistakes | How Career Conversations can Help I’ll never forget the time one of my best employees, Roby, asked to see me. 

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Enabling Mentors to Have Quality Career Conversations [Slideshare]

There is something wonderfully inspiring about meeting strangers and feeling like you’ve known them forever within hours.  That’s what happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I had the pleasure of presenting at the International Mentoring Association Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I guess that’s the power of bringing together 120 people who are

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