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accelerated leadership development

Accelerated Leadership Development for Fast-Growing Organisations

Accelerated growth requires accelerated leadership development and that means accelerated behaviour change.  Business results, business change and business success all stem from the behaviour of individuals. If your leaders are going to develop their leadership skills, they need to experiment with small changes in behaviours. Even after very basic training sessions, adults typically retain just

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leadership skills for rapid growth

2 quick ways to identify the leadership skills you need for rapid growth

The starting point for accelerating leadership development is to focus on leadership skills for rapid growth.  In other words, the key leadership skills and behaviours that will really make a difference to performance and help you realise your vision. I emphasise behaviours because you need to focus on observable actions that will deliver business results.

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leadership in business

Leadership in business: Where are you on the journey?

Growth is a good thing. Right? After all, if a business doesn’t grow, it is likely to disappear in the end. All businesses start work each day with the goal of growing toward a better, and more profitable, tomorrow. But, there are tons of challenges that come with growth, and leaders have to be ready

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Reviews of Grow Your Geeks – Find Out What Others Say

We’re now only a few weeks away from the launch of Grow Your Geeks.  A number of people have kindly read the book prior to publication.  And it’s already received some great reviews. Pre-Publication Reviews of Grow Your Geeks A ‘must read’ for Senior Leaders and HR partners alike, in fast growing high-tech environments “Clear,

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Grow Your Geeks – A Sneak Preview

I’ve been delighted at the enthusiasm for Grow Your Geeks.  I’ve had a lot of people say how much they’re looking forward to reading it so I thought I’d share a sneak preview. Here is an excerpt from the book: The High-tech Sector in the UK has grown by the equivalent of one new business

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I’ve written a book, Grow Your Geeks

I’ve been rather quiet on my blog lately.  It’s because I’ve been writing my first book, “Grow Your Geeks – A Handbook for Developing Leaders in High-Tech Organisations”. The book will be published by Rethink Press and is due for release in April 2017.  I’m really excited about it! Here are the most common questions

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5 Creative Ways to Build Trust in a Team

Building trust in teams is a skill that can require careful management. But it’s well worth doing.  According to a survey by management consulting company Willis Towers Watson, any organisation that has ‘high trust’, “outperforms low-trust organisations by 286%.” That’s an impressive statistic. But what are the secrets to building trust? And how do you effectively

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developing leaders

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

If like me, you have family members at University, you’ll be aware the academic year is over for the summer.  Young men and women are returning home relieved that exams are over and making plans for the freedom of the weeks ahead. The end of the academic year marks an ending for me too.  For the

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Thinking Digital Hero image of the SAGE

5 Lessons for Leaders from Thinking Digital

I spent yesterday at the iconic Sage Centre in Gateshead attending a conference called Thinking Digital. What is Thinking Digital? Thinking Digital is for those who are curious about how technology is shaping our future.  It is the brainchild of Herb Kim who launched the first Thinking Digital conference in 2008.  This was the 4th annual

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