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Image of a woman at a flip chart delivering leadership training

6 Secrets of Successful Leadership Training

Are you responsible for leadership training within your organisation? If so, you have one of the toughest jobs going in this difficult climate. With the highly competitive nature of business today, organisations are holding everyone to higher standards.  This means that business leaders are being pressured to deliver results – and HR/Learning & Development Departments are

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The Power of Publicly Committing to Your Goals

A key leadership skill is the ability to commit to personal and business goals.  We are now well into the third week of January and those of us who like to set goals for the calendar year will have them well defined and established. So let me tell you about one of mine. On 22

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Leadership development is not about what people know or think

Leadership is a huge subject surrounded by numerous theories.  A recent search on Amazon revealed 160,194 books that have been written about the subject.  That’s a lot of books!  And a very long leadership development programme if you were to try and include all that they contain.  So how do you determine the focus and

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Helping Employees to Develop their Careers

In today’s tough economic circumstances, business leaders are seeking competitive advantage through the best use of their people more than ever before. In a time when the job market is uncertain many leaders may feel that supporting the career management of their staff is not a priority, seeing it as something that is personal to

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Just do it!

Yesterday I ran the Great North Run for the tenth time.  I don’t say that to boast – although I am quite proud.  Every single run was hard.  I’m not a natural athlete.  If I’m a natural anything its a natural party girl who loves to eat good food and drink great wine.  I didn’t

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A line of people jumping in the air

How to Motivate Employees

Effective leaders and managers need to have enthusiastic followers.  Since people are your key source of competitive advantage, you need every single employee to be fully committed to taking the company forward and doing everything they can to make it a success in the future. Unfortunately, the recession forced many companies to alter their course. 

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Antoinette Oglethorpe talks about how leaders can develop employee reengagement as part of their leadership skills

Effective Leadership for Economic Recovery

Leadership is key when it comes to a business surviving the tougher periods of economic fluctuations. Having grappled with the recession for this long, senior managers and leaders have focussed on staying afloat, cutting costs and delivering as well as possible under challenging circumstances. In short: surviving. Now there are some early signs of recovery,

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