Developing Great Leaders – Our Top Ten Resources in 2017

developing great leaders

It’s that time of the year when everyone reviews what’s happened this year and all the “best of” lists surface. Here’s ours. Our top 10 resources from 2017 for developing great leaders. In other words, these are our most viewed blog posts and resources in 2017.  I hope you find them interesting and useful.

Developing Great Leaders – Our Most Viewed Resources in 2017

1. Six Steps to Help Your Employees take Ownership and Responsibility

This is a perennial favourite. For the last 7 years, it has been the most popular post on our blog year in year out. That shows that this is still an area of challenge for a lot of leaders. Do you need to achieve more and more with less and less? Are you under pressure to meet hard to achieve goals and targets? At times such as these, you need all employees to take full ownership and responsibility for themselves and their actions. This blog post outline six steps to help you. Read more >>

2. 25 Positive Quotes about Mentoring

You only have to look at any feed on social media to recognise we love a good quote! Which probably explains why this post is so popular. Quotes are a great way of summing up learning and experience in a way that inspires others. Inspiring others is a key role that mentors play. This post shares some of my favourite positive quotes about mentoring. If you’re a mentor I hope these quotes inspire you in a way that allows you to inspire others. Read more >>

3. What Mentoring Tools and Techniques are Available?

Number three on our list is also about mentoring. But this time it’s the more practical tools and techniques that might help new mentors develop their confidence and skills. At the heart of any mentoring relationship is a conversation. So the core mentoring tools and techniques are ones that enable and facilitate conversation. This blog post shares a core set of conversation tools to start with. Read more >>

4. 13 Characteristics of Highly Effective Career Conversations.

Career Conversations has always been something that I’ve been passionate about and have developed a specialism in. During 2017, we finally translated that passion and specialism into practical solutions and resources to help our clients. It seems it’s about time since this blog post has raced into the number four spot of our most popular resources. Read more >>

5. Grow Your Geeks – A Handbook for Developing Leaders in High-Tech Organisations.

Another new entry for 2017 and this time not a blog post but a whole book! One of my greatest achievements of 2017 was becoming the published author of an Amazon bestseller Find out more and download a free chapter to see what you think. Read more >>

6. It’s Good to Talk! A Practical Guide to Career Conversations in the Workplace.

Again, not a blog post and not a whole book either, but an ebook which can be downloaded for free from our website. It’s been hugely popular as a practical resource for managers, mentors and coaches to engage, retain and develop employees through quality career conversations. Read more >>

7. 5 Techniques for Helping Employees Cope With Change and Uncertainty

It seems there is one thing that doesn’t change from year to year. And ironically it’s change and the need to cope with it. 2017 was clearly no different as this blog post was one of the most popular sharing practical techniques for helping employees cope with change and uncertainty. Read more >>

8. The Role of Mentoring in Career Development

In 2017 it became clear that employee experience is critical to engaging, retaining and developing employees. Research has shown that the fit between a person and their job is a key consideration as is a sense of purpose in their role. So career development in organisations has finally risen up the agenda (not before time in our opinion). Maybe that’s why this post sharing my thoughts on the role of mentoring in career development is a new entry to the top ten. Read more >>

9. How to Get the Most From Executive Coaching

So far, our list of most popular resources has been dominated by those providing practical tools and techniques for leaders. And it seems that includes practical support in the form of leadership coaching. This post shares top tips on how to get the most from your coaching sessions and set yourself up for success. Read now >>

10. Career Conversation Toolkit

The final resource isn’t a free one but it’s clearly great value since it makes it on to our most popular list. The Career Conversation Toolkit gives you the practical tools, structure and questions to have effective career conversations that will engage, retain and develop your employees without taking up lots of time. Read now >>

This list is a pretty good summary of how we helped clients with developing great leaders during 2017. I imagine it reflects the interests and challenges that our readers face too.

I’m looking forward to an equally varied, challenging and fun 2018.  If there’s any resource you’d like us to develop please let us know by completing our survey at

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