Future-Proofing our Leaders for a VUCA world


Antoinette Oglethorpe talks to Pip Clarke of a&dc about future-proofing our leaders for a ‘VUCA’ world

What is VUCA? And why does it matter in terms of future-proofing your business?

Definition: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA)

Global megatrends are having a dramatic impact on the way businesses work. In this interview Pip Clarke, Principal Consultant and Director of Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd (a&dc), talks about the research a&dc has carried out to understand how the world will look in the future and the way leaders will need to operate if they are going to be successful in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

She has over 15 years of consulting experience in the field of people strategy both as a consultant and as an HRD in the FMCG industry.  Her passion is for helping people to achieve their best through behavioural change.

She has a long track record of supporting organisations large and small to maximise the potential of their people, through building people strategies and learning and development solutions for individuals, teams and organisations.

Pip’s original career was as a Political Correspondent and member of the Westminster Lobby for breakfast television, writing, reporting and commenting on domestic and international politics.  It gave her a unique insight into leadership on the world’s stage, and sparked her interest in working with individuals to help them achieve their full potential.

Learn more about Pip and a&dc at www.adc.uk.com

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1 thought on “Future-Proofing our Leaders for a VUCA world”

  1. The leaders who succeed will embrace the “new normal” – doing things in a different way. I agree that the traditional leadership models and leadership development will no longer enable leaders to work in the new world. The world is changing so quickly that classroom training alone will not help leaders to build new habits or change fast enough. That’s where I think that executive coaching really adds value, to enable leaders to change habits that fit the constantly changing needs of the system they are working within, and all of the stakeholders’ expectations of them as a leader.
    Thanks for a stimulating pod-cast Pip.

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