How to Review Performance Positively (Even if Things Haven’t Gone As Well As You’d Like)

how to review performance

How to review performance is a challenge faced by most leaders. This week I have been busy coaching senior leaders and also launching a new programme to help managers have more effective performance conversations.

The thing that struck me was that leaders are very harsh when they review their performance.  That’s fine if it helps them improve.  But quite often it has the opposite effect, making them feel helpless and draining their energy.

At the same time, they want to have conversations where they review performance with their employees that are empowering and will motivate them to deliver more.

I have developed a simple model to help leaders review their performance on a regular basis and to use as a tool for their employees.

This model is designed to help you review performance positively and not just focus on all the reasons it wasn’t perfect (after all, life rarely is!)

How to Review Performance – 3R Model

The model is the 3Rs and it stands for:

1.       Reflect on progress

2.       Recognise achievements

3.       Reward successes

Here’s how it works:

1.  Reflect on progress. 

You can do this in your head; you can talk it out loud or you can write the answers down.  The key point is to answer these 3 questions:

a.  What’s better since last time? (anything and everything)

b.  What helped make things better? (any deliberate action by yourself or others or any “happy accident” that might have contributed)

c.  What’s next? (how can you do more of what’s worked for you and build on that progress?)

2. Recognise achievements. 

Out of all the above, what are you most proud of?  What do you now know about yourself?  What are you good at?  What can you do that you didn’t realise before?

Out of all the above, what are you most proud of?  What do you now know about yourself?  What you are good at?  What can you do that you didn’t realise before?

3.  Reward success. 

How can you reward yourself for the progress you have made? It doesn’t have to cost money.  It could just be giving yourself a pat on the back and taking some time out for a long hot bath or a walk with the dog.

I have deliberately kept the approach simple so it doesn’t have to take long and you can do it anywhere.  My clients find this approach so helpful that I encourage them to do it daily or weekly and often as the basis for a reflective journal.

I hope you find it equally interesting and useful.  I’d love to hear about your progress and achievements.  Please let me know how the 3R Review works for you by commenting on this post.

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