International Mentoring Day 2024

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Today, Wednesday 17th January, is International Mentoring Day! If you ask any successful person, they will always have had a great mentor at some point. Mentoring can help people feel fulfilled and rewarded with a sense of purpose within their organisation. Mentoring can inspire them to want to perform and develop beyond their current levels and help them be more self-reliant and empowered to take ownership of their development.

We specialise in mentoring and believe in the importance of sharing wisdom and experience for the benefit of others. So, in the spirit of our specialism, we’ve put together some resources, blogs and tips you may enjoy. But first here’s a message from Antoinette.

Confident Career Conversations: Pre-order on Audible

My second book ‘Confident Career Conversations’ is available to pre-order on Audible now! Helping you empower your employees for career growth and retention.

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Get inspired

Quotes are a great way of summing up learning and experience in a way that inspires others. And the inspiration of others is a key role that mentors play. I recently shared my favourite quotes from Ted Lasso, the beloved fictional character from the eponymous television show. This has proved rather popular with our readers!

His unique and often hilarious perspective offers insights that apply not just to football, but to the game of life, and work.

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We have produced a huge amount of free-to-read blogs on Mentoring, you can find these on our blog. Titles you may enjoy are:

Webinar: The Role of Mentoring in Talent Development

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We run a regular schedule of free-to-attend webinars on Career Development and Mentoring. Our next mentoring webinar is ‘The Role of Mentoring in Talent Development’ on Thursday 28th March 2024 15:00 UK

Find out more

We also have Career Development webinars we’re running:

 Career Development in Organisations: What Part Does it Play? Thursday 25th January 2024 15:00 UK.

Find out more

Confident Career Conversations: How to Empower Your Employees to Develop Their Careers so They Never Want to Leave Your Organisation on Thursday 22nd February 2024 15:00 UK

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M-Power. A Practical Guide to Mentoring in the Workplace

M-Power. A Practical Guide to Mentoring in the Workplace by Antoinette Oglethorpe on ipad in library

An exclusive ebook for Managers and HR Professionals. Download your copy for FREE!

Providing you with the information you need to promote mentoring in your organisation. You will gain an appreciation of the areas you need to consider if you are going to introduce mentoring. And you’ll discover the steps you need to take to make mentoring work in practice.

As a result, you’ll understand:

  • What mentoring is
  • Why it’s so valuable to organisations and individuals
  • How it works in practice
  • How to design a mentoring programme that works
  • Tools and techniques available to help mentoring be effective

Download your free copy now

You may also enjoy our Mentoring Toolkit, with all the know-how to structure mentoring conversations with questions that motivate and empower others

So there you have it! We’d love to know about your mentoring journeys as a mentor or mentee. So drop us a comment below.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support your organisation with Mentoring, you can find out more about our mentoring programmes here. Or book a free, no-obligation, discovery call today and we can discuss the mentoring requirements in your organisation.

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