Mentoring Part 2 – Mentoring Tools and Techniques [Slideshare]

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In my last blog post, Mentoring Part 1, I mentioned a series of webinars for a leading UK university who were launching a mentoring programme for their MBA Alumni.

And I shared a changed version of the slides from the webinar I delivered, “Is Mentoring for Me?”

The second webinar in the series focused on “Mentoring Tools and Techniques”, specifically looking at the practicalities of managing a mentoring relationship.

In my experience, mentoring relationships are fraught with the same anxieties as other relationships.  If you think about it, taking part in a formal Mentoring Programme can be a lot like internet dating. You send information about who you are, what you have to offer and what you are looking for. Then you are matched with a complete stranger who you hope you will be able to develop a meaningful relationship with.

When you think about it like that, is it any wonder that both parties are nervous about their first meeting?
Thankfully, the stakes aren’t as high in mentoring as they are in dating.  But it is important for anyone launching a Mentoring Programme to help ease any anxieties on either side by helping them prepare effectively for the first meeting and subsequent meetings.

In this second webinar I covered:

  • Getting Started – The First Meeting
  • Reviewing your communication style
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Helping the mentee review their learning


Mentoring Tools & Techniques

Here are a revised copy of the slides from the webinar:


Launching a Mentoring Programme?

If you would like me to deliver a similar webinar, talk or workshop on Mentoring Tools and Techniques (or any other related topic), please give me a call on 07957 604783 or e-mail me at

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