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How to Build a Strong Personal Brand and Reputation Within Your Organisation [Slideshare]

We may not like it but others will judge us, daily, not necessarily on the quality of our work but on minor details and passing remarks. These shape opinions.

Often we ignore such views. But if you are to increase the impact you have on others, you need to develop a strong brand and reputation within your organisation.

Recently I was asked to deliver a talk on “Reputation & Trust” at a leading UK university.  It was to a group of students studying “PR in a Digital Age”.  Now, if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I am not a PR person, nor am I a digital expert.  I specialise in helping companies develop their leaders and helping leaders develop their careers.

But my client had forgotten to book a speaker and needed a favour.  And I had been working with her on establishing her personal brand and thinking about how she wanted to be seen in her new role.

The students I was talking to were coming to the end of their final year and were starting to think about the world of work.  I am a strong believer that we can learn a lot from the worlds of PR and marketing when it comes to career management.  So that’s what I focused on.  How could these students apply what they had learnt about PR in a Digital Age to develop a strong brand and reputation for themselves?

Here is a slightly varied version of the slides from the talk I gave which looked at 3 things:

  1. Your Personal Brand
  2. Your Reputation
  3. Your Trustworthiness

If you would like me to deliver a similar talk or workshop to help your employees manage their careers within your organisation, click here to find out more about my speaking at events.


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