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Developing Employees: Good Career Development Questions to Ask

Career development discussions are just that – developmental.  They are a way to build on progress so far and continue a person’s career growth.  Even though they are positive conversations by nature, they are not without their challenges.  So what are some good career development questions to ask? Good Career Development Questions for Challenging Situations

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Practical Career Development Questions to Ask Employees

Are you looking for career development questions to ask employees and develop your best people?  If so, you’re not alone.  The most frequently asked questions in our Confident Career Conversations Workshops relate to tools.  Questions like: “What effective tools could I use in my career conversations?” “Are there any particular tools you use that lead

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How to Remove Fear from Career Conversations With Employees

It’s no wonder managers can find it hard to have career conversations with employees. Time pressures, office politics and egos can all get in the way. We all know it’s good to talk. But, let’s face it.  Opening up a conversation about a sensitive issue like career progression can weigh heavily on even the most

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The role of mentoring in career development

The Role of Mentoring in Career Development [Slideshare]

Mentoring is one of the top strategies for career development and advancement within an organisation.  It is also a critical support for people making career changes and transitions. Career Coaches are often called upon to recommend mentoring, and to know about the information clients need to find a suitable mentor, as well as how to

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4 bosses overcome resistance to change with a game of tug of war

3 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change by Employees

Resistance to change is a natural phenomenon.  At an individual level, change can create a mixed range of emotional response. A Global Survey by McKinsey in 2006 (Organising for Successful Change Management), shows that where change had not been successful, the dominant emotions were anxiety, frustration and confusion. While those emotions were not necessarily absent

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A man about to write a list of Goal Setting mistakes

Do You Make These Goal-Setting Mistakes?

Have you just spent the last two weeks working through your goal-setting for 2013? If you’re like most of us, January is a time when you think about what you want to achieve during the year.  And in our professional lives we’re knee-deep in business plans, budgets and annual goal-setting. Few management tasks consume more

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Helping Employees to Develop their Careers

In today’s tough economic circumstances, business leaders are seeking competitive advantage through the best use of their people more than ever before. In a time when the job market is uncertain many leaders may feel that supporting the career management of their staff is not a priority, seeing it as something that is personal to

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A line of people jumping in the air

How to Motivate Employees

Effective leaders and managers need to have enthusiastic followers.  Since people are your key source of competitive advantage, you need every single employee to be fully committed to taking the company forward and doing everything they can to make it a success in the future. Unfortunately, the recession forced many companies to alter their course. 

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