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Understanding the foundations of self-confidence: Hand drawing upwards pointing arrow labelled "self-confidence"

Understanding the Foundations of Self-Confidence: A Guide to Empowering Your Career and Life

Have you ever pondered what makes some individuals excel effortlessly in their careers, while others seem to struggle despite having the same qualifications? The answer might be simpler than you think: self-confidence. Self-confidence is not just about “feeling good”; it’s a fundamental cornerstone for personal and professional growth. It’s about believing in your ability to

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accelerated leadership development

Accelerated Leadership Development for Fast-Growing Organisations

Accelerated growth requires accelerated leadership development and that means accelerated behaviour change.  Business results, business change and business success all stem from the behaviour of individuals. If your leaders are going to develop their leadership skills, they need to experiment with small changes in behaviours. Even after very basic training sessions, adults typically retain just

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action learning

The 4 Laws for Action Learning

Successful leadership development relies on combining a number of development experiences and connecting them back to the workplace. No matter how good the content of a workshop may be, classroom training alone is not the most effective way to accelerate the development of leaders in an organisation. Many HR & Training Directors think that the answer

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World-Class Talent Development

What I learnt from 8 World-Class Talent Development Professionals

Last week I had the honour of working with 8 World-Class Talent Development Professionals. I was the Chair of the Leadership Development Track at HR Vision in London and the speakers included: Shannon Banks, HR Director Talent Management, Western Europe Microsoft Pip Clark, Principal Consultant and Director, Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd Louise Brownhill, Chief

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How to manage the information from 360 degree feedback

How to Manage the Information from 360 Degree Feedback

Want effective and actionable 360 Degree Feedback results? Selecting the right tool is the first step in making sure your leaders get the information they need.  But it isn’t enough.  You also need to communicate well. Here I look into how to manage the information from 360-degree feedback in the most effective way. Communication is key 

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360 degree feedback mistakes

360 Degree Feedback Mistakes – Are you making them?

How many people do you know have received 360-degree feedback and then made a sustained change in their behaviour?  I’d hazard a guess that you would struggle to name more than one or two. And that’s because organisations often pay a great deal of attention to implementing the process with inadequate attention being paid to how

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retaining talented employees

The Secret to Retaining Talented Employees

A few weeks ago I talked about one of my clients, a growing global organisation who needed to grow the management team with the organisation.  One of their biggest challenges was retaining talented employees. Paul was one of the senior people I was asked to work with. For a fast-growing organisation, Client Services is a

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Image of a woman at a flip chart delivering leadership training

6 Secrets of Successful Leadership Training

Are you responsible for leadership training within your organisation? If so, you have one of the toughest jobs going in this difficult climate. With the highly competitive nature of business today, organisations are holding everyone to higher standards.  This means that business leaders are being pressured to deliver results – and HR/Learning & Development Departments are

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The Key to Retaining Your Talent as the Economy Recovers

Most leaders recognise that people are the key to business success.  In fact, research by the Hay Group has shown that engaging and enabling employees boosts performance by 15-30%.  So that makes leaders even more concerned about how they retain their most talented employees now that there is hope that the economy is recovering. A

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