Talent Management – The Missing Link [slideshare]

Are you responsible for talent management in your organisation?

If so, you will be well aware of the challenges of engaging, developing and retaining talented employees – especially in today’s economy and continuing change.

The problem is that talent management approaches often don’t work because they’re missing an important link.

The challenge is, that while organisations want to maximise employees performance, employees want to maximise their careers – and these goals are not one and the same.

Organisations need to bring the two together.  The key to engaging and retaining your best people is to help them develop their careers in line with the needs of the business.

“Talent Management – The Missing Link”

This presentation covers:

  • Why Talent Management Often Doesn’t Work

  • The dangers of organisation-focussed talent management

  • The 3 key strategies you need to make the connection between a top-down approach to talent management and a bottom-up approach to career development

  • How to design a strategy that gets buy-in and commitment from all involved




I’d love to know your thoughts and experience.  What does your organisation do to make the link between organisation strategy and employee career aspirations?  Please let me know in the comments box.

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