Top Ten Mentoring Questions to Answer in Mentor Training

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Mentor Training | My Top 10 Questions

When HR and L&D professionals hire me to train their mentors, one of their concerns is often that the mentors who are attending are senior people and are likely to have had a fair bit of experience of mentoring themselves.

Their concerns are usually unfounded.

In my experience, people who have volunteered to mentor others, recognise they have some experience but are modest about their ability and keen to learn and develop.  And those are the people you want.

I am not the type of trainer who downloads a whole load of standard information, whether people want to hear it or not.  Instead, I design all of my workshops so that we answer the specific mentoring questions that participants want the answers to.

That means that I have built up a pretty solid database of the types of mentoring questions that mentors want answered in their mentor training.  There is remarkable consistency across the different groups and organisations I have worked with.

Top Ten Mentoring Questions to Answer in Mentor Training

The top ten questions leaders want answered in their mentor training are shown in the following presentation. Please feel free to share it.

In summary, mentors aren’t looking for concepts, theories or philosophical debate.  They’re looking for practical tips, tools and techniques to help them have efficient, effective mentoring conversations.

And that’s what I give them.  As one participant said in an email the following day:

“Enjoyed the training yesterday, very different to previous mentor training which focused on the mechanics of the scheme, not tools for having helpful conversations.”

Do you want engaging, practical mentor training for the leaders in your organisation?  Get in touch and we can set up a time to talk it through.

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