Antoinette Oglethorpe wins Silver Award for Service Excellence in National Business Women’s Awards

Antoinette Oglethorpe accepting the Silver Award for Service Excellence at the National Business Women's Awards

We did it! We won the Silver Award for Service Excellence at the National Business Women’s Awards. After, a series of delays caused by the pandemic, it was such an honour to celebrate with the other finalists at the gala dinner held at the Hilton Hotel, Wembley.

National Business Women's Awards Finalists and Winners stood on stage
National Business Women’s Awards Finalists and Winners

It was especially nice to be able to spend time with our wonderful brand consultant, Sapna Pieroux of InnervisionsID.  She designs all the high-quality materials that our clients value so much.

Antoinette Oglethorpe and Sapna Pieroux in photo frame with #nwba
Antoinette Oglethorpe and Sapna Pieroux

The National Business Women’s Awards is a prestigious competition that seeks to find the very best female talent from across the country.

The business world is full of talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs.  The National Business Women’s Awards are designed to raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and enterprising Business Women Nationally. The Service Excellence Award recognises outstanding assistance and advice to those who buy or use the organisation’s products or services.

SIlver award winners logo
Silver award winner logo

One of our values as an organisation is to deliver excellence to our clients.  I am so proud that the hard work we do for our wonderful clients has been endorsed in this way. To be recognised for Service Excellence is a real privilege and credit to Team AO. Thank you to Clare, Jenny, Gwen, Oona and Hani.

You can view the full list of winners here

The day of the Awards was a bittersweet day. It ended on a high with a night out and an award win which was wonderful. But it started with the funeral of an inspirational lady, the late Professor Dr Jane Turner OBE DL, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer four years ago.

Jane and I were kindred spirits. Both 54 years old. Both ambitious and committed to our careers. Both passionate about business. Both keen to inspire and empower others. Her children organised the most wonderful service and her friends and colleagues played their part in making it a real celebration of her life. They asked us to wear a splash of red as a tribute to her. So, I wore a red dress to the Awards dinner. And I was so proud that we took home a silver trophy. It felt like a fitting tribute.

Jane initiated the Power of Women Campaign because she believed that today’s young women have the power to change the world – and that each and every one of them should be given the opportunity to do so. The POW campaign’s mission is to raise their aspirations and give them the confidence to not only realise their potential, but to actively pursue the exciting careers and fulfilling lifestyles they dream of – with gusto. This campaign has the ability to capture the attention of today’s young women – particularly those from socially underserved areas – and encourage them to reach for the stars. If you would like to support the campaign and their goals, you can donate at

1 thought on “Antoinette Oglethorpe wins Silver Award for Service Excellence in National Business Women’s Awards”

  1. Caroline Theobald

    Firstly congratulations on what I know is a much deserved award Antoinette – many congratulations to you and your colleagues.

    Your blog post mentioning the inspirational @jane turner couldn’t have been published at a better time. We’re celebrating her ‘lifetime of inspiration’ (and yes that’s as award she won) at the annual Tees Businesswomen Awards tomorrow. Her legacy is the Power of Women Campaign you mention. Through it and in memory of her we aim to prove to girls and young women, particularly in disadvantaged areas, that they have the talent and determination to live their dreams and be the success they want to be.

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