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what's the alternative to 360 degree feedback

What’s the alternative to 360 degree feedback?

I’ve had some interesting responses to my blog posts about 360-degree feedback and The Leadership Versatility Index. Here I’ll look at what’s the alternative to 360-degree feedback? And the comments I have received echo the responses I often get from clients. They go something like this: “I love the look of The Leadership Versatility Index and I

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360 degree feedback for effective leader development

How to use 360 degree feedback for effective leader development

Looking to find out how to use 360-degree feedback for effective leader development? One of the key ingredients to the success of any 360 feedback programme is to employ the services and support of a highly experienced coach. A coach who can help your leaders to understand the feedback they receive – and follow through on

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How to manage the information from 360 degree feedback

How to Manage the Information from 360 Degree Feedback

Want effective and actionable 360 Degree Feedback results? Selecting the right tool is the first step in making sure your leaders get the information they need.  But it isn’t enough.  You also need to communicate well. Here I look into how to manage the information from 360-degree feedback in the most effective way. Communication is key 

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An image of Antoinette Oglethorpe's favourite 360 Degree Feedback Tool, the LVI index

My Favourite Off-the-Shelf 360 Degree Feedback Tool

Last week I promised I would share my favourite 360-degree feedback tool with you, so here goes. But before I do let me declare an interest. I am licensed to use this tool so it’s in my interest to encourage others to use it.  However, let me also be clear that I wouldn’t have become

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Which 360 Degree Feedback tool works best

How to Decide Which 360 Degree Feedback Tool Works Best?

I’m often asked which 360 Degree Feedback tool works best. And if companies should I develop one specifically for their organisation or if there a good one that they can just buy. One of the critical factors for success of a coaching programme using 360 degree feedback is to be strategic in your choice of feedback instrument.

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360 degree feedback mistakes

360 Degree Feedback Mistakes – Are you making them?

How many people do you know have received 360-degree feedback and then made a sustained change in their behaviour?  I’d hazard a guess that you would struggle to name more than one or two. And that’s because organisations often pay a great deal of attention to implementing the process with inadequate attention being paid to how

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How do you use 360 degree feedback to develop leaders

What is 360 Degree Feedback and How Can it Develop your Leaders?

In my recent blog posts I’ve mentioned a 360 development programme I’m delivering for a client. It’s prompted a fair amount of interest and questions so in this post I thought I’d answer a couple of those. In my experience, 360-degree feedback is one of the most effective tools for helping develop leaders as part of a

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Image shows Antoinette Oglethorpe discussing the challenges of working remotely

Remote Working – Does Out of Sight Mean Out of Mind?

This week I’ve been continuing my review of 360 degree feedback with a leadership team as they start of their coaching programmes. What struck me was how valuable the feedback was in helping leaders recognise the challenges of working remotely and identifying ways of addressing those challenges. My client is a global organisation with a complex

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